amazon advert

  holligan 14:36 28 Nov 2003

I want to put a amazon ad on my site with a drop down menu.It says download text incert which i did
but when i down load image seperate put in the same dicerty i dont know how.using nofmx
it just comes up with crosses were image should be.cheers

  Forum Editor 19:00 28 Nov 2003

an associate ID from Amazon? This is normally emailed to you, and it must be included in the HTML that you place on your page. The graphic should automatically be called to your page when it loads - you don't need to do anything unless you're using a custom graphic.

  holligan 20:05 28 Nov 2003

Copy everything from the box in step 1.

Paste it into the appropriate place in your HTML. Your tracking ID wwwcott99ka08-21 is already embedded in the HTML.
Download the graphics from Step 2 into the same directory as your HTML. If you need to download the graphics into a different directory be sure to change the image source (IMG SRC) path to match the new location.

i cant work out how to put the grapic in .???

its the link drop down menu advert. cheers fe

i have done the other ones ok its just this one i dont get

  Forum Editor 20:29 28 Nov 2003

I think I might know what's wrong. Where are you putting this link - is it on your homepage?

The graphics must be in the same directory as the page on which you place the HTML. In your case you have a directory on the server called 'html' and another one called 'assets'. If you are putting the link on one of your inside pages the graphics must go into the html directory. If however you have the link on the homepage the graphics must go into the root directory - that's because your index.html page is there, and not in the html directory. You'll need to check that the image source path in the Amazon html is correct, otherwise the code won't call the graphics.

So, to recap:

1. Link on homepage = graphics into root directory (where the index page is).

2. Link on any other page = graphics into html folder

That should do it. I've taken a look at your server directories, and at the moment I can't see the graphics anywhere. You'll need to upload them using FTP - do you know how to do that?

  holligan 22:26 28 Nov 2003

i upload with i dont really understand what you mean the others were simple to do i just like the drop down one two.i will try what you mean but dont get it really

  PurplePenny 23:28 28 Nov 2003

There is an Amazon advert on your links page but it doesn't have any drop down - is that the one that you mean?

If so it is there and it works but, as FE already said, it is getting the image from Amazon. Is it a *different* image that you want to use?


  holligan 23:41 28 Nov 2003

i did them ok

i dont have it on yet

  Forum Editor 12:23 29 Nov 2003

1. Copy the html from the amazon site - it will already have your associate ID number in it.

2. Using the NOF html insert option (which you've used before), insert the code into your page.

3. Download the Amazon graphic and save it to your hard drive - don't change its name whatever you do.

4. Using FTP in binary mode, upload the graphic to the same directory as the page into which you inserted the html - this is the important part, the graphic and the code must be in the same directory or the code will not be able to call the graphic.

You can alter the code to call a customised graphic - but let's not go there at this stage.

  holligan 13:52 29 Nov 2003

i have grapic saved in file i use pic box and down load to page but cant get it in place.or is that wrong

what is binery? i use nof to upload

i still dont understand sec 4.can to say it a bit simpler please

alsc some of my pages have gone to wide? there is no movement on page when setting out .i have the line tight up to the side

cheers fe. one day i may get this comp lark

  PurplePenny 22:41 29 Nov 2003

in the folder called "html"? If you have put it with your other graphics in "assets/images" it won't show up on the page.

Binary - when you upload it can be done two ways - use Binary for images and ASCII for text. NOF is probably set to auto - which means that it *should* choose the correct way to do it. When you uploaded your other graphics did you just leave NOF to do it?

By the way - why do you want the Amazon search box on the water features page? I wouldn't expect to find one there.


  Forum Editor 23:30 29 Nov 2003

Then you don't need to download a graphic.

As I said before, the code that you copied from the Amazon site will automatically make the image appear when the page is loaded in a browser. What is absolutely essential however, is that you insert your unique associate ID into the html - replacing the words "your_associates_id" wherever they appear. There's no point in simply copying and pasting an image from the amazon site into a picture box, because it won't work - the image needs to act as a hyperlink to an Amazon redirect page, and that's all in the code.

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