Amazing Software offer ???

  Hinny 10:59 16 Jan 2003
  Hinny 10:59 16 Jan 2003

We have received the offer of £250 worth of publishing software for £3.95 in tne post today,
there has got to be catch. Any comments would be most welcome. Cheers

  powerless 11:03 16 Jan 2003


No catch its genuine, its old software usually a version lower than the current version.

For example Version 8, they give you Version 7.

I've dont it very pleased, you'll get more offers.

click here

  €dstow 11:23 16 Jan 2003

Serif software is excellent quality and the offer is genuine, as Powerless says. The downside is that you will be plagued with special offer upgrades, new versions, new programs and so on - even hardware. If you can tolerate that, go for it provided, of course that you do want the software on offer. Don't buy it just because it's cheap.

The subsequent offers are hard-ish sell but a determined (but polite) refusal does result in them going away.


  siarad 11:26 16 Jan 2003

No scam it's as above. Good software I also got a free wheel mouse but haven't used it as I've already got several & prefer the one with forward & back buttons too.

  Gizmo 11:39 16 Jan 2003

Ordered mine on Tuesday, be prepared to get the hard sell to upgrade to the newer versions, twenty minutes on the phone ( a free phone number) I don’t think the guy was very pleased when I refused to upgrade!!!!

Haven’t got the software yet, but don’t know if it was worth the hassle, with the sales reprehensive.

  QuickHare 13:26 16 Jan 2003

That's right, folks! You can get the nearly-latest version of the Serif program offered for a measly £3.95!

However, you only get a CD. If you want a box and manuals, they will cost you about £100 on top.

Plus postage and packing.

And the adverts.

Your name will be given to other companies.

And you don't even get the latest program, just the version before.

It pays to read the small print occasionally.


  Foolsbane_1 13:42 16 Jan 2003

All you say may be true! But, as a long-time user of Serif products, I can honestly say that their offer is well worth the trivial inconvenience of a few email newsletters from time to time.

The box just takes up space and, while you don't get the manual, the integrated help is excellent. As is the Serif users forum. (Although you should be warned that any overt criticism of Serif applications is treated as blasphemy.)

I have not the slightest hesitation in recommending these programs to anyone who might have a use for them.

  QuickHare 13:54 16 Jan 2003

I am not saying Serif are doing wrong in what they are selling. I personally like Serif products (especially DrawPlus) but I was just pointing out the need of reading small print to find any hidden catches.

Those who prefer to read manuals offline, those who prefer to see a large box on a shelf, those who like the full product may not like the offer.

It has been proved many people don't read terms and conditions, small print or any warning that sounds like legal jargon. I'm just saying that maybe people should read these things, as it shows up more information about what they get.

Rant over.


  Foolsbane_1 16:43 16 Jan 2003

"Rant over."

I would prefer to call it sound advice.

  spartan 20:53 16 Jan 2003

where can I get this offer sounds good

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