am thinking of buying a Xbox 360

  brybob 10:14 08 Nov 2012

Am 65y/o and need some advice on what l need, and how to go about it. l see in pc world xbox 360 it seems to have all l need in the box, at home l have a lap top. if l buy this xbox do l just connect it to the laptop and away l go, or is it more involved than that, l know l will need to register it and stuff.

  brybob 12:31 08 Nov 2012

l have looked at a small right up on xbox, it looks like l connect it using a ethernet cable, my router has just one connection for that and my laptop uses it. ??

  Picklefactory 17:44 08 Nov 2012

Am i correct in assuming you wish to play games online and not just use the x box to play games locally ie just against people in your home?

  brybob 18:18 08 Nov 2012

Yes, l want to play games on line, and games l buy. Bry.

  Picklefactory 20:19 08 Nov 2012 doesn't sound as simple as i thought it might be.

I found some infoclick here

If you have spare power sockets around the room, you could also use home plugs

  brybob 23:22 08 Nov 2012

Thanks Picklefactory, l will look for more info on the home plugs as it looks like the way to go, in the while am checking it out can l just play the games that come with the xbox through the box onto my laptop screen. Bry.

  Picklefactory 17:15 09 Nov 2012

The home plugs are very simple but effective, but obviously there is a cost involved. They are easily available on Amazon and many other outlets. The one thing I would say if you choose that route is that they come in varying speeds, 85Mbps, 200Mbps and I think 500Mbps. I have some I bought from Ebuyer and they are only the 85Mbps ones but they worked perfectly well with Xbox live. I personally have never played online, but I set my son's Xbox up with the home plug connection to my router and he never had any issue with connection or performance speed, so I'm not entirely sure there is any great need to go for the higher speed and slightly higher cost, but obviously, if budget is fine then I would think it's no harm to go for the fastest ones to suit your budget, but not essential.

If you just want to play games yourself, then I would strongly advise using a TV rather than your laptop. The games are much better on the big screen, especially if you have an HD TV, and I think all these game consoles are primarily aimed at TV play. It's a matter of a minute or so connecting it up to the TV.

  Picklefactory 17:17 09 Nov 2012

"If you just want to play games yourself"

Sorry, what I meant there was if you want to play offline just using the console locally and NOT online.

  brybob 22:05 09 Nov 2012

Thanks Picklefactory you have been a great help, went and got me a xbox 360 and got a 19 inch flat screen tv i came with 1 game Forza motorsport 4, total cost of £310, got it all set up and working, not on the net with it yet, a few more games first and then in the while l will give more thought to the home plugs. thanks again, Bry.

  Picklefactory 14:03 10 Nov 2012

You're welcome

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