Am I using Wi-Fi or Dial Up

  [email protected] 08:57 12 Sep 2013

My computer system was set up by a knowledgable friend.I know very little about the technical side of its working. I have broadband and am connected through a router. My wife would like to buy an Apple IPad but have been told in the shop that she will need a Wi-Fi internet connection to send e-mails etc. I do not know if my system uses Dial Up or Wi-Fi - how can I tell? Does Wi-Fi need extra equipment and if so what?

  Press Man 09:14 12 Sep 2013

What is the make and model number of your router.

  wiz-king 09:15 12 Sep 2013

If you have broadband you are not on dial-up.

Most routers (the box that connects to the telephone socked) have Wi-Fi, if you tell us the made and model we can tell you.

  hastelloy 09:23 12 Sep 2013

Dial-up and WI-Fi are completely different things. You connect to the internet with broadband therefore you do not have dial-up.

If your computer IS NOT connected to your router with a cable then you have Wi-Fi.

If your computer IS connected to your router with a cable then you may or may not have Wi-Fi. In this case does your router have little aerial(s) sticking out of the back? If it does it's Wi-Fi. Either Google your router to check if it is Wi-Fi or post the make and model here and somebody will have a look for you.

  hastelloy 09:23 12 Sep 2013

I'll have to type more quickly.

  wee eddie 17:09 12 Sep 2013

I suppose the question is. Who is your broadband provider? For example, if it's BT, then you probably have a Home hub which comes with wifi.

  woodchip 17:57 12 Sep 2013

Look on bottom of Router for Make and Model, WiFi settings as to be accessed through Router Settings using a Web Browser

  [email protected] 14:18 13 Sep 2013

The router is called KASDA and on the back has KW5815.It also has an aerial.

  hastelloy 14:30 13 Sep 2013

Yes, you have Wi-Fi see. You should have a manual (which may be on disc) which will give you instuctions on setting it up. Make sure you set up security to prevent others from using your bandwidth.

  Press Man 14:54 13 Sep 2013

As Marvin42 says, you do have Wi-FI but it may not be turned on/set up? You will have to follow the instructions in the manual you have? It will tell you how to access the router set up menu, which is typically done by typing or or something similar in to the address bar, you will then be asked for a password, again typically it could be "admin" "admin" or "password" "password" the manual will tell you what it is, this will get you in to the set up pages for the router then you can follow the instructions in the manual to set up the wi-fi.

  onthelimit1 15:27 13 Sep 2013

For that router, access is

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