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Am I too set in my ways - PC Protection, System backup, Data backup

  compumac 18:36 30 Aug 2014

Been messing around with PC’s for some years now and have perhaps become set in my ways in selection of programmes, specifically those in respect of defence of PC and the backing up of data and systems.

I have had occasion to watch a Microsoft technician working on an infected/corrupted computer recently and despite being able to keep up with the speed and dexterity of the technician I found that he used Hitman Pro, Malwarebytes, ADW Cleaner amongst others. None of the programmes that he introduced into the proceedings were ones that I used which made me wonder as to whether I am behind the times and too set in my ways.

Currently I use the paid for version of Emsissoft Antimalware, Norton Internet Security and CCleaner. System images are created every weekend.

I also use Acronis True Image for system backups with its Nonstop data backup. Running alongside Acronis I use Allway Sync for data backup.

All backed up data is held in four separate drives.

Every other week all my data and the current system image is placed onto an external drive that is only connected to the main PC at that time only.

All comments appreciated.

  Burn-it 17:08 31 Aug 2014

A clone is a copy to media that can be used as a direct replacement for the original.

An image is a single file that needs processing to re-create the original.

The terms are often mis-used and interchanged.

  compumac 18:12 31 Aug 2014

Woolwell When I say I do a scan prior to creating an image I do not just do a virus scan but also run Antimalware scan and CCleaner.

  Batch 09:56 01 Sep 2014

What the heck, I'll add in my one view as to difference between image and clone:

An image is a file (typically compressed and in a proprietary format [e.g. .TIB for Acronis, .MRIMG for Macrium] ) of one or more partitions of a disk that can be restored at will at a later date. The image is not directly usable (e.g. can't be booted from) but the relevant proprietary software often includes a function to allow the partitions included in the image to be mounted and explored.

A clone is a direct copy of a complete physical disk (i.e. one complete disk with all its partitions is copied to another disk). It is usable as a direct replacement for the source disk and (where the disk contains an active system partition) can be booted from.

Some cloning software does permit the partition sizes on the destination disk to be adjusted (e.g. increased or decreased). In the case of decreasing a partition size, the destination partition size must be at least large enough to hold all of the used space of the source partition.

  Batch 09:58 01 Sep 2014

Should have been: I'll add in my own view

When is this forum going to get an edit facilty? Grrrr!

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