am i stupid? yes

  mrs tibbs 22:34 15 Jan 2005

im new to all this computer stuff but im learning fast!! can some one tell me wot is ccleaner? that i keep reading about cheers

  VoG II 22:34 15 Jan 2005
  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:36 15 Jan 2005

A nice little program that helps to run your computer better by getting rid of Temporary files and bloated registry items.

  JIM 22:37 15 Jan 2005

No- ;)

You have the link:)

  Dorsai 23:15 15 Jan 2005

There is no such think as 'Stupid'.

There is 'seeking knowledge' however. Seeking knowledge is far from stupid.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:20 16 Jan 2005

It is possibly one of the best programmes that I have ever used.


  THE TERMINATOR 00:48 16 Jan 2005

You say "im new to all this computer stuff but im learning fast!! " Then let me give you a bit of advice click here and install the Google search bar to Internet Explorer, it saves your time by searching for anything, instead of having to come to a forum to find out(not that I'm saying "don't come here" it will just save you time)....TT

  THE TERMINATOR 00:53 16 Jan 2005

Of course, if you do have a problem however, this IS the best place to come. All the guys are always here to help(if we can)....TT

  bertiecharlie 00:54 16 Jan 2005

CCleaner is a very good programme. The only flaw is that I've found it doesn't clean the Opera Cache. Not a problem if you don't use Opera and, in any event, you can set Opera to clear the cache and cookies on exit.

Another good free cleaning programme is Disk Cleaner which cleans IE, Firefox, and Opera plus other bits and bobs. You can even write your own Plugins with Notepad, for example to clean up the Mozilla cache. click here if you want to give Disk Cleaner a try in addition to CCleaner.

  NickyK 06:28 16 Jan 2005

I use cc all the time. It is part of my on-going-maintenance. Don't be put off. And try the other functions too. It is very helpful for cleaning out the c*** left behind when you uninstall something.
It gets nine out of ten in my rating - and I am very hard to please.

As usual, be ruled by Gandalf and Vog.


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