Am I missing something?

  kingkenny 00:06 10 Oct 2003

Hi all,

I have just recently upgraded my windows messenger to v5.0. I used to start up BB and it would sign me in automatically as v4.7, now it no longer does that. I have to prompt it to sign me in everytime, even though on the initial sign up window I asked it to sign me in automatically and have repeated the process several times. Has anyone else encountered this and can anyone suggest a solution?

  clayton 00:10 10 Oct 2003

Have you tried msn messenger ?

  kingkenny 00:19 10 Oct 2003

yeah, it conflicted with Windows messenger and suffered more pop ups

  smegs 00:51 10 Oct 2003

I think if U Open Messenger, Gp to tools, Then Options, Then General Tab, It's in there I think. Thats if it's the same as MSN Messenger.

  Chegs ® 08:53 10 Oct 2003

On my daughters puter,msn refused to keep the password/username,I upgraded to newer version for her and this prob went only to be replaced by msn booting her out after 5 mins.I removed the tick from "Sign me away after xx mins" and it stopped exiting msn.Try removing/reinstalling msn and see if that cures it.

  Chegs ® 08:55 10 Oct 2003

msn=windows messenger(try the above with windows messenger)

  hugh-265156 09:06 10 Oct 2003

in 4.7 its tools/options/perferences and tick allow this program to run when windows starts.

  kingkenny 11:42 10 Oct 2003

All the tabs are selected. It starts up when windows starts and has just stopped signing me in when I start up Broadband. It was absolutley fine with 4.7 and now needs prompted to sign in with 5.0. I wonder if it is my Firewall...

  hugh-265156 13:35 10 Oct 2003

4.7 is "windows messenger" 5.0 is "msn messenger"

just to confuse things slightly.

but should be similar in set up.

check tools/options/privicy and untick the always ask me for my password when signing in box.

Which broadband service are you using?

If your answer is BT Yahoo then this is a known problem and something that is being investigated.

  kingkenny 11:40 11 Oct 2003

Have to disagree with you, if you check this link it is labelled as Windows Messenger 5.0 and MSN messenger has a different page.

click here

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