am i gigabit equipped or have i been misled

  doubledontour07 22:22 29 Jul 2012

So I recently set up my home network with usb storage and in the process figured that I could transfer the bigger files faster by using cable rather than wireless. Problem is the max transfer I cant get is 3.25MB/sec which is pretty similar to what I get wireless.

So I did a little research to make sure I wasn't attempting something impossible and it seems I'm not. My NIC is Broadcom NetLink (TM) Gigabit Ethernet ( although I don't know any more details like model number etc) and I have it wired by cat 5e to my router Netgear DGND 3700. That in turn has my usb device connected to it as network storage.

Windows is telling me I have a 1Gbps connection yet data transfer of around 1GB takes 3 to 5 mins. I have checked the ports on the back of the router the manual says they support gigabit and the NIC is supposed to have the technology so what am I missing. I also checked the speed in properties and it only has option of 100 which I understand from a different post is likely to be because it isn't connected to hardware that accepts 1Gbps.

Hope I haven't confused you guys because I'm totally lost.

So Questions

Am I reading the speeds wrong Gbps MB/s Mb/s etc

Am I expecting to much is 3 to 5 mins a reasonable time at 1Gbps??

Have I missed anything?

Help and advice greatly appreciated

  mgmcc 08:20 30 Jul 2012

Bear in mind that, if you've connected a USB External Drive to the router, USB 2.0 only has a nominal data transfer speed of 480Mbps. This means you have already lost more than half of your 1Gbps network's potential speed.

If you have two computers, both with Gigabit network adapters and connected to Gigabit ports in a router, try transferring a large file directly between the two and see what speed you get.

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