am i being watched..

  robin2dogs 19:40 24 Aug 2003

..or just paranoid!(please see my post" WILFRED"earlier today.
I use XP Pro
AVG update+run daily
ZoneAlarm pro
These all seem to work fine,eg. I recieved email from Yahoo saying "unable to deliver your message" so trusting in my antivirus I opened the attachment(I did not recognize the address of recipient and in my naievity thought it might be a copy of the message).No it was a virus and AVG caught it straight away.Yahoo have not yet replied to me since thursday.

Meanwhile a certain WILFRED has attatched himself to and infront of my name as account administrator(WinXP).

WilF has also caused me to have to use our,now ,joint admin account to open IE.I tried creating a new administrator account,in the hope of being able to delete the other(Wilf/R) but "it" won't let me do,I try to open IE from new ac---cannot open, line:39 char:380 error:expected"j" code:0.

Also in "ipconfig /all" I see host name..wilfred

Sorry I'm only a novice so any help/advice would be mich appreciated.


  Bodi 19:50 24 Aug 2003

suspect that someone has access to your computer. If it were me, I would run a virus scan and if necessary, back up all my files and format and reinstall. But then maybe I'm paranoid too.

Hope someone can offer more help.


  Bodi 19:55 24 Aug 2003

that this is the post you were refering to?

click here

Did you follow FE's advice?


  wee eddie 19:56 24 Aug 2003

If AVG had been working you should have been notified that the e-mail contained a virus "XXXYYYY", and that you should not open it.

You should then have received a number of options as to how to deal with the file.

Heed Bodi's advice!

  robin2dogs 19:58 24 Aug 2003

I was already planning a full format but was mostly concerned that someone (doesn't feel like an ordinary virus)who can get into my internet protocol settings and muck about with them can probably do it again even if I buy a new PC unless I do that AND change my ISP and email accounts.

  Jomi 20:05 24 Aug 2003

After following the above advice. Start up in safe mode (press f8 while booting) from the start menu choose 'run' type in 'control userpasswords2' (without the quote marks) and press ok. You should see a new account there and using that you can delete user wilfreds account.

  Legolas 20:06 24 Aug 2003

If someone got into your computer they probably managed it through a trogan virus your virus software should detect and remove any foreign files. If you do decide to format then any viruses and trogans should be dealt with so I dont think you would need to change your ISP or email. Someone with more expertise on this subject can mabye give you more advice.

  robin2dogs 20:13 24 Aug 2003

Bodi yes I followed FE's advice,stupidly replied to him on direct email and now cannot find it.I run AVG daily and auto update daily.
Your link is not working for me maybe 'cause I've got zone alarm set at max.

Wee eddie yes AVG caught the instant I clicked the paperclip+then killed it.

This NOT my current problem,-somebody is IN,I Know this because there is no damage,the system works perfectly, no lost files ,just subtle alterations and I'm not in charge anymore.

  robin2dogs 20:22 24 Aug 2003

did forget to mention that my connection speed si dowm to 100KbS I'm payong for 520(blueyonder)and have previouslly "clocked" ti at over 630.
I'm told this is often a sign of somebody listening.

  Ken Ju-On 20:46 24 Aug 2003

It's possible that either your firewall was improperly configured. If not, then someone else very likely has physical access to your computer and is playing tricks on ya.

It's also possible that the virus was more than a mere virus and did something before your antivirus detected it, or either that the virus morphed into some other form, or... possibilities are virtually endless....

  robin2dogs 21:50 24 Aug 2003

Many thanks for that,it's just what I feared.Any more info/leads would be much appreciated.Just did a quick google on IP masking,never heard of it befor,must research more.

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