Am I being too cautious about an e-Mail?

  buckland 23:07 11 May 2010

Yesaterday and again today (Tuesday 11 May) I have received an e-Mail from "Windows Live team". The subject is "Reset your Windows Live Password". I have no idea as to what this may be about and I have NOT opened either of these mails. Are they some sort of a scam? Should I open them to see what they are about but I do not want to expose my PC unnecessarily. Has anyone else received any similar e-mails from the "Windows Live Team"? Any advice would be welcome. Many thanks Buckland.

  Woolwell 23:14 11 May 2010

Sounds like a scam possibly phishing for your password. Do not open any e-mails that you are suspicious of.

  buckland 14:28 12 May 2010

Woolwell, Many thanks for your response. I now have confirmation that the e-mail from "Windows Live Team" is definitely a scam in fact PHISHING. I searched in Google and it seems many others have received the e-mail. One correspondent quotes the text of the e-mail which is badly worded and put together and demands too much information. I had not opened mine but at least my curiosity is satisfied as to its contents. Thanks again your reply and your guess was correct. Buckland.

  FRANKMAC 16:10 12 May 2010

Do not open these mails. They are scams. But it is very good practice to change you "Windows Live" password at regular intervals.

  VCR97 18:02 12 May 2010

Right click on the item and select View Message Source from the drop-down menu. You will then see the originator, etc.

  buckland 18:55 12 May 2010

Thanks Frankmac and VCR97 for your advice. Have sent the funny-mails where they belong but is there no Norton or McAfee, etc., type of protection that can identify these scams and reject them. Pity nothing can be done about the congenital idiots who waist everyone's time sending this feeble stuff. A bounce-back death ray would be ideal. Regards, Buckland.

  Pine Man 19:00 12 May 2010

'A bounce-back death ray would be ideal. Regards, Buckland.'

Sounds good in principal BUT spare a thought for all the innocents that would condemned to death for having their email program hijacked to send all this rubbish out;-)

  peter99co 19:56 12 May 2010

Never bounce mail because it lets the sender know they hit a live target.

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