Am I being DDoS'd?

  somner90 00:28 21 Jul 2013

Recently i've been having some real bad lag spikes while playing games on League of Legends, sometimes so bad that my connection to my router completely dies!

I have a friend who owns a 'box server' as he calls it and he's told me in the past he has been warned by some organisation (or something) for DDoS'ing people in the past so this is another reason why I think i'm being DDoS'd, we recently fell out.

I've done some research and done ping to and netstats during a laggy game of league. Note that the netstat wasnt done at a laggy time during the game and the spikes wern't constant, however they were enough to make my gaming time unsatisfying.

Personally I cant tell from the information below if i'm being DDoS'd so this is why i've come for help.

Sorry for the long page, I did try [spoiler][/spoiler]

(the ping in the cmd prompt i have pasted to pastebin is to

click here

  Mr Mistoffelees 12:27 21 Jul 2013

I suspect it may be more likely that the problem is WiFi interference. Try this: Inssider. It will show you what channels are being used by other people near you and help you to find the best channel to use. It's a free download.

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