Am going to reformat my hard drive but have lost

  rasalom 22:49 26 Mar 2005

the registration key for one of my games. As I want to re-install it after reformatting my drive does anybody know how i can find out what the key is.

Is it stored in the registry somewhere? and if so, where?

  Graham ® 22:53 26 Mar 2005

Belarc should tell you click here

  rasalom 23:23 26 Mar 2005

belarc tells me what version I've got but not what the key is, although it does tell me the keys for the microsoft products that I have installed.

Any other ideas?

  Tim1964 23:34 26 Mar 2005

As suggested above I've installed and run Belarc to find the key to my Office 2000 installation as I tried re-installing it (to cure a prob) but it only tells me the numeric product code and NOT the 25 digit alphanumeric key. When attempting an install it says 'the key is not valid' even though it's the same as the one on the CD years ago?????

As rasalom says........"Any ideas?"


  dan11 23:35 26 Mar 2005

According to this, section 2, click here
The old aida 32 could do this for you. click here

Don't know if it does, but worth a try.:-)

  dan11 23:37 26 Mar 2005

Try this here

  dan11 23:44 26 Mar 2005

Just ran it under software/licences. It is showing windows/office and other software numbers.;-)

  Tim1964 00:10 28 Mar 2005

Thanks for the link dan11, BUT it gave me the key for my win98 disk and I couldn't see a way to change it to find my Office 2000 key.

  dan11 00:20 28 Mar 2005

Was it the magic jelly bean one you used? Did you click on the Microsoft office tab? click here

Aid32 in the other link will give you the office key also.

  Tim1964 00:35 28 Mar 2005

My version of MJB keyfinder does not have a drop down arrow in the 'windows version' box as in your example. I also tried aida32 and that only gives me the keys for win98, belarc, Zonelabs and IE6(?)


  lotvic 02:07 28 Mar 2005

I think that you will find:
quote (from experts-exchange site)

quote/"Office 2000 Product key is encrypted.
For Office 97 it was in the help menu of Word or Excel.
For XP they don't need to encrypt it because of product activation.
But for 2000 they went the way of encryption.

Belarc Advisor & Magical Jelly Bean can retrieve the product key for Office 97, XP and XP Pro -- but not for Office 2000. For Office 2000, your choice is either to find the original CD case or to contact Microsoft to tell you the product key. They'll need your product ID etc." /end quote

so i guess your only option is to contact microsoft and plead that your original key on cd is giving you problems

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