Always switches itself off!

  sebtiger 21:25 19 Jan 2006

I will be playing Battlefield 2 when suddenly the computer will kill itself, I have looked at all the main posibilities and can't find the problem! I am so confused! Help!



  kinger 22:15 19 Jan 2006

Does the complete system switch off or just your game?

  sebtiger 07:31 20 Jan 2006

the whole unit! everything, and it is really annoying!

  kinger 19:23 23 Jan 2006

Could be a memory related problem or your graphics card.

Might be easier to eliminate the card first by checking for any updates to the graphics driver.

  Totally-braindead 19:29 23 Jan 2006

Have you looked in control panel under power options and checked that it isn't set to switch itself off. The other thing is it could be overheating, if you run the PC on something which isn't graphics intensive ie not a game something like word or the net is it ok? If it is and its only when you play a game or it runs for longer before it shuts down then I would check the temps first. On your motherboard driver disk there may be a temperature sensing program that you can use, if it is heat thats doing it then the computer is switching itself off to prevent damage and you need to address this, checking all fans etc and adding a new one if necessary.

  woodbasher 19:35 23 Jan 2006

I agree with the good advice of Totally-braindead. I had a similar problem which drove me crackers. It turned out to be a sticky fan on the Power Supply Unit which kept stopping and causing overheating so the computer took evasive action and shut down. A new one solved the problem.

  woodchip 19:39 23 Jan 2006

Heat. Check System BIOS for health

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