Always prompting to save to A: drive

  Big Big C 08:30 01 Sep 2004

I have noticed recently that when ever I try to save a file from the web that my PC tries to default it to the A drive. As there is no disc in the drive I have to keep on clicking cancel 2 or 3 times before I can then select the correct folder to actually save the file in.

NAV is upto date and this is very annoying.

Anyone any ideas??


  Sethhaniel 08:47 01 Sep 2004

drive is still functioning ;)

  Sethhaniel 09:01 01 Sep 2004

If I click 'File' - 'Save As' - then at top 'Save In' then select folder where you require it to be saved (usually remembers last 'save in' address) or is yours somehow bypassing this.

My computerd doesn't have a floppy drive so it doesn't have that irritation ;)

  Djohn 10:23 01 Sep 2004

When you click on save the next option is where, this is when you select the destination. Although yours is showing the "a" drive as default, it will most likely be because that is where you last saved to.

Use the drop-down menu in the top window of the save dialogue box and choose the destination to save the file then click on save again, it will now go there and should offer you this as the default destination in all future saves.

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