Always need CD in...Why?

  sorefingers 20:17 22 Nov 2003

My copy of MS Works Suite 2002 has Autoroute. But when I installed it, somehow or other the only way to access it is when it's in the tray ie. I can't use Autoroute without having the cd (DVD) in the player.
Can anyone tell me how to transfer it onto the hard disk?

Thanks for any advice

  Jester2K II 20:19 22 Nov 2003

Usually with Auto-route it leaves vast quantities of data on the CD rather than hog the Hard Drive. Hence you need the CD in to work.

  sorefingers 20:22 22 Nov 2003

Jester2K II...I have always had the full package on my previous systems......I'm sure there's an explanation and an answer. :-(

  AubreyS 20:25 22 Nov 2003

On AutoRoute, you have the option when you install it to either run from CD or run from hard disk. If you choose run from hard disk it will install everything to that location and you don't need to use the CD anymore. I can only guess, as I don't have it, MS Works Suite 2002 is the same.

  AubreyS 20:28 22 Nov 2003


If you install it again, try the custom install and you should then get the option to run from disk.

  bremner 20:29 22 Nov 2003

Sorefingers there is another way if AubreysS suggestion does not work.

Delete the existing installation.

Copy the entire contents of the CD to your hard drive.

Using the copy on the hard drive double click on 'setup.exe'.

This will install the program and allow it to run without the disk.

  Djohn 20:29 22 Nov 2003

Yes you can have the full program on your drive, the option is usually given in the install. You may be able to go to control panel,add/remove programs and click on remove, if it gives you the option to add components then choose that and insert your CD to add the full program to the drive.

If not, then you may need to remove it from add/remove, then re-install again, but look for the option to install full program to your drive. I did mine this way with 2003 version. j.

  sorefingers 21:13 22 Nov 2003

Success!!.removed the original and reloaded the full version instead of the Standard...must have missed it earlier.
Thanks to you all!

What a forum....hope I can help sometime :~)

  AubreyS 21:52 22 Nov 2003


Ahh in that case, can you lend me........ :-)

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