Always deleting the same 686 file extensions, why?

  SB23 20:37 22 Dec 2006

I've been doing some spring cleaning, again, and I've come across a weird thing.
I use Ccleaner, and again tonight, on my wifes logon, I've deleted the same number of file extensions, that were deleted about 10 days ago. The only reason I remember is because of the number being so high. This time I checked before deleting and they were exactly the same.
My wife has used the pc, but on my login, so why are these still around, if they were deleted before?
Sorry, but I don't understand.


  skidzy 22:30 22 Dec 2006

Sorry cannot answer the question but make sure the recycle bin is empty after running ccleaner.
Maybe try regscrubxp and see if an improvement click here

  gudgulf 22:55 22 Dec 2006

Try CCleaner again on both your own and your Wife's logins.

See if you get the same result again.

As far as I know CCleaner doesn't clean out all users at once......and each user login has it's own registry area.

Clearing unused file extensions from one user may not clear them from another users account.

  SB23 15:01 23 Dec 2006

I've run rescrub but nothing has changed with the exception now, that while switching users I'm now getting "Unknown error - 1056", and the pc is rebooting on its own.
Would it be easier to delete my wifes account, then set up another?

  SB23 19:15 24 Dec 2006

I think I have sorted the problem.
I deleted my wifes account, had a good cleanup, rebooted when told to, created a restore point, then set up another account.

All now seems ok.



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