Always on, Always protected?

  ayrmail 17:17 25 Feb 2004

I've seen many veiws on should you keep your pc switched on or turn it off(save money), but I wondered if the conection is always on, and you turn on your pc when dose it connect to the internet, with xp if you have more than one user your application don't load until you select a user, so at that time is your pc open to the internet.
No doubt this is a stupid question if so don't spare me and I'll go away.

  Djohn 17:34 25 Feb 2004

If by "Always on" you mean broadband connection, then when you close down your PC it will disconnect from the ADSL line and not re-connect until you manually do so.

If you leave the PC on but log off as a user, then the B/B connection will stay live. [I think] j.

  ayrmail 17:44 25 Feb 2004

When you say manually do you mean open a browser

  Djohn 18:34 25 Feb 2004

Not necessarily. If your on Broadband then you are still connected even though you have closed your browser, unless you have your browser set to disconnect you on closing.

You will need to click on the Icon in the notification area, [System tray] and choose disconnect from there. I have mine set with a shortcut Icon on the desktop to my Broadband modem. Each morning I click on this Icon and it will connect to my ISP's homepage. I then log into any site of my choice.

If I'm not using the internet for a while, I just close the browser but my connection stays open ready for me to click on the IE Icon to visit a web site again, or open explorer to check my mail. I only close my connection at the end of the day just before turning off the PC. j.

  ayrmail 18:47 25 Feb 2004

My broadband is with telewest and so is cable, the reason this came to my attention was because I have a pc networked through an other to the INSP, the pc not directly conected to the modem was on when the pc conected to the modem was then turned on, before any application i.e. norton AV/internet security had finished loading the other pc could gain access to the internet which made me think could someone gain access at during these times?

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