podlod 10:00 08 Jun 2010

Hi, I have Avira Antiviris free software which my pc engineer placed on for me, but it is in french. Is it safe to remove and download the English version with my existing, I should I remove the existing first? thanks for any help.

  rawprawn 10:01 08 Jun 2010

Remove the existing version first

  T I M B O 10:06 08 Jun 2010

Do you use outlook or any other email client ??? If so then Avira is not much help to you.

Avira remover>> click here or just the add & remove

Avira download>> click here

  drunkpeople 10:36 08 Jun 2010

yap! first removeyour existing version.

good luck! ;)

  john bunyan 12:14 08 Jun 2010

I use Avira free quite happily with MS Outlook e mail. It does not auto scan as does AVG but seems ok and I have had no infections. Another antivrus worth considering is MS Security Essentils.

  podlod 07:24 10 Jun 2010

Hi, in response to your advice I would really like to know a few more answers please, first being why can I not use Avira with my Microsoft Outlook, secondly will all the Trojans and viruses that Avira has already quarantined be at risk to my pc while changing over, and last but not least is MS Security Essentials better in your opinion than Avira, or can I use them combined? thanks for any answers.

  T I M B O 08:48 10 Jun 2010

Avira does not check email clients like outlook, so it's basically usless. If Avira has got lots of nastys, then delete them all, no need keeping them & then run malwarebytes after>> click here

MS Security Essentials is exzcellent, especially with win 7 & it will scan emails for you. You must never combine more than 1 antivirus software, they will only clash & possibly give you all sorts of issues.

I use Avast & i find it works very very well>> click here

I hope this has been of some help to you ;-))

  podlod 11:09 12 Jun 2010

Hi, hell I do not know which advice to take, maybe I should just use my gut instinct, you both seem very convincing, dilemmas, dilemmas, what to do?

  john bunyan 14:16 12 Jun 2010

My local repair shop, a very experienced virus removal expert and programme designer, likes Avira. I think Avira, Avast and MS Security Essentials are all good anti virus programmes, as is AVG (but some have had compatability problems with the latter) Good luck!

  T I M B O 14:21 12 Jun 2010

Install Avast or AVG,,, Avira is no good for you, FACT !!

  podlod 08:05 13 Jun 2010

Hi, thanks again for your opinion, and you both seem very controversial, this is another ponder time for me. Both so very convincing!

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