Alternatve Email Software

  Kefty 14:17 01 Jan 2003
  Kefty 14:17 01 Jan 2003

I currently use Outlook Express 6, but I have become very bored with it. (I get bored easily...)

Is there a free alternative out there? I do a lot of bulk emails (not spamming), and use lots of folders and archives etc.

I was thinking about Netscape, but Im put off by all of the personalised toolbars that seem to be forced upon you.

Any Ideas? Are there other email clients that are worth a look?

  Taran 14:27 01 Jan 2003

Lots of clients are available, however not many of them are free.

Pegasus, Eudora and the already mentioned Netscape come to mind.

Eudora is a particular favourite of mine and is specifically designed for handling large amounts of email.

I'd suggest that if your current program does what is asked of it that you stick with it.

Changing your software out of boredom, as opposed to identified need is hardly grounds for all the hassle involved of learning a new software package. Alternative email clients may also cause their own brand of mischief with regard to settings themselves as the default handler and so on.

I'd stick with what you have unless it doesn't do what you want it to.

  recap 14:38 01 Jan 2003

As Taran says "I'd stick with what you have unless it doesn't do what you want it to".

But, if you do want to change then click here free to try, click here free, or click here free, to see what else is out there.

  €dstow 14:39 01 Jan 2003

Am I missing something? An email system is purely a functional tool, not something to get bored with. It will either do its job or it won't. If it won't, get another one but I cannot see any situation where one can become bored with it.

Or is it old age creeping up on me in this New Year? I will be 33 this year!


  Dr. Charles 14:45 01 Jan 2003

If you have no technical problems stay with it as Taran says.-----(Hi Neil) .

Don`t go looking for problems---they will come and find you soon enough, use it like an "Old Friend" and don`t get "Itchy fingers" just because you are bored with looking at the same display.

Happy New Computing Year to all

Best wishes,


  Lew2 15:13 01 Jan 2003

Try click here
It may not be what you want but it has got a lot going for it. The download is free and usable (no time limit) it is up to you if you wish to to pay $49 (£30) and become a full member. I use it all the time.

Happy New Year

  Nickg 16:55 01 Jan 2003

click here quite a few to choose from here.

  hellred 17:52 01 Jan 2003

Its a much of a muchness problem out there, yes one Prog is different and looks all great and others can add lovley themes and all that and at the end you spend more time figuring out how this works then actually using it for something useful.

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