Alternatives to Excel allowing < 65636 rows

  madwab 10:32 05 Nov 2003

I regularly need to handle large amounts of spreadsheet data, for example poctodes (over 270,000 lines for London alone). Excel isn't suitable because of it's maximum number of rows. I've tried the trial download of Quattro Pro 11, but although it can handle the data, it seems to be very buggy, and is too slow at sorting. OpenOffice is even more limited, as, I believe, is 123. Are there any other spreadsheet programs available (preferably with a trial version so I can do some tests) that have a suitably high limit on rows, coupled with a bit of speed and reliability?


  pj123 10:49 05 Nov 2003

Does it have to be a spreadsheet? You might be better off using Access. Before I retired I worked for an insurance company with 3 million policy holders. They were using Excel but, like you it took ages to do searches. I got them to switch to Access and the difference was amazing.

  madwab 20:53 07 Nov 2003

Thanks for the reponse, btw.

I have a table of London postcodes, over 270,000 of them, each with a type code assigned. I also have lots of spreadsheets - and they will have to remain as spreadsheets - with postcodes in them, and I need to extract type code associated with each postcode in these spreadsheets. I currently use vlookup to do this.

The postcode list could easily live in an Access table, but I've never extracted data from Acess into Excel before - is it straightforward (assuming minimal VB skills but a programming background), and is it efficient?

  pj123 10:46 08 Nov 2003

As you are extracting data and not just doing searches it probably wouldn't be any more efficient than what you are doing now, because you would have to keep importing and exporting data from Access to Excel all the time. The Company I was with had a systems dept. that did the switchover for us. We only used it for bulk mailing to customers. I have some CDs called "Supreme Office Suite" that I use as "giveaways". They are supposed to be MS Office compatible. I haven't tried it myself as they are in sealed packs and I don't want anyone I give them to to think they are secondhand or copies. You can have one to try it out if you like? Let me know.

  madwab 07:30 20 Nov 2003

(Sorry, I've been away for a few days)

...anyway, Supreme Office Suite is an OpenOffice variant, which I've already tried. Since your posting I've received a hyperthreading p4 3000, which, while it doesn't address the rows issue, makes handling such large amounts of data fairly painless, so I'll have to live with multiple tabs until MS extend Excel (unlikely, since v2003 is still limited) or Corel fix WordImPerfect Suite / 'Quattro Pro'blem. Cheers.

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