An alternative to wireless headphone?

  Housten 15:55 03 Jan 2013

Good afternoon,

A couple of weeks ago I asked if wireless headphones were worth having. But our tv does not support this sort of thing. So I went into Maplin’s and spoke to a bloke there and he said he wasn’t sure but they had a unit which on one side has a scart socket and vision and audio sockets on the other.

So what I thought of doing was to get one of these units – there are two, one in and one out – and then get a small(ish) length of cable which would have the two audio sockets at one end and then merge into one at the other, and I could just connect my ‘ordinary’ headphones into this socket. If there was a volume controller in there somewhere so much the better. The bloke at Maplin’s could only get to this by having a male/female connector on the end of the two-into-one because it had a male end connector. I asked him if it would work, but he didn’t know and didn’t suggest a ‘try-and-return’ policy, so I left it.

So my question is this: does anyone a) know if such an arrangement would even work and b) apart from Maplin’s is there anywhere else anyone could suggest I go to try and get these – preferably one combined unit! – with a guarantee they would work?

Many thanks in anticipation, and a very Happy New Year to everyone.

  Chronos the 2nd 15:57 03 Jan 2013

A link to the unit would be useful

  Woolwell 16:02 03 Jan 2013

What makes you think that your tv does not support it? What output sockets do you have on the tv? You need to be aware that you will probably not be able to have headphones and sound through the tv speakers.

  Chronos the 2nd 16:09 03 Jan 2013

What make/model of TV have you as I am surprised that your TV does not support some form of audio output.

  Housten 17:09 03 Jan 2013

Chronos the 2nd,

Thank you for your posts. Point one : I am a bit of a dinosaur and can't make links!! But my original post was on December 16th at 4.59pm and was Wireless headphones - are they worth having?

Point two : I asked Philips which socket I could use and their reply was “Thank you for contacting Philips Customer Care.

The TV model you mentioned in Your email is probably 32PF7531D/10 and not 32PF75310/10. Please correct me if I'm investigating the wrong model.

For this TV there are two audio out sockets: the headphones port and the spdif socket (number 10 in the manual page 3).

For this TV it unfortunately not possible to use headphones and speakers at the same time and receive audio from both of them.” So from this I asked if using the scart sockets would work and the point was conceded that they could work the way I wanted. But if you know differently I would be really pleased to hear. However I should also mention that because I do not know what a 'spdif' socket is, what sort of plug to connect into it is required or in fact anything about such a socket if anyone knows what I would need to do to get audio from this, I would be grateful if they could explain - one syllable words, please - what I would require in order to connect my headphones to it.

Woolwell I think Point two of my reply to Chronos the 2nd covers your query.

Many thanks to both of you for taking the time to post.

  Woolwell 17:26 03 Jan 2013

I had not considered scart for audio out. You may want one of these Amazon scart adaptor But I have no idea if it will work but at that price you have little to lose. I have read on some forums that scart audio may not work with digital signal. Again I don't know if that is true.

  Chronos the 2nd 17:30 03 Jan 2013

Have a look here.

I think this was the scart adaptor you were advised on.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:46 03 Jan 2013

scart adptor with Phono to 3.5 scocket you can then either plug in a normal set of headphone with long lead or better yet a wireless base unit to the 3.5 socket

works well does not affect TV speaker so other half ccan have TV at their pref setting you can adjust headphones to your setting.

  Housten 17:29 05 Jan 2013

Woolwell, Chronos the 2nd and Fruit Bat /\0/\,

Good Afternoon, Gentlemen,

Many apologies for not replying earlier but I have been sidetracked by my best friend having to go into hospital with a - minor(ish) - heart attack. Glad to say he is out now but, like me, he will be on pills for the rest of his life.

Anyway many thanks for your siggestions, and my wife and I have talked about this and she asked me if I had read - properly - the email. Because having re-read it I have realised that it states there is another audio out which is an 'spdif' socket. My only problem being that I do not know if using it will result in the loss of sound through the loud spearkers. However I will look into all your suggestions and esee which I can get to work.

Once again many, many thanks for all your suggestions and very kind help.

  SillBill 16:28 06 Jan 2013

For SPDIF have a look here > However I think you'd be better off looking at the SCART converters already recommended, they, at least will give you both TV and headphone sound but your headphones require their own volume control.

  Housten 12:30 07 Jan 2013


Many thanks for your post, and you have backed up what I have come round to: use a scart socket!!

So many thanks to everyone for all your advice and help, I am going to get a scart socket and the rest needed to keep the wife from moaning, and an easier life when it/they are working!!!! [ Well known hope - or threat? ]

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