Alternative to Windows Live mail that can import WLM messages

  tallboy 20:12 15 Nov 2013

I've just spent 2+ days trying to fix Windows Live Mail on my 64-bit Win 7 PC. WLM does everything it's supposed to - except Send, Reply & Forward. (It does send receipts OK).

I've loaded Thunderbird as an alternative, but it will not import WLM messages - only Outlook - and since OE isn't around any longer, that's not a lot of good.

Does anyone know of a good alternative that does import WLM messages?

  Secret-Squirrel 20:25 15 Nov 2013

"I've loaded Thunderbird as an alternative, but it will not import WLM messages....."

It will import WLM messages and I gave you the answer to that issue this morning on your other thread ;)

  tallboy 21:00 15 Nov 2013

Hi Secret-Squirrel; There haven't been any post to my last thread today as it is now 'closed off', so if you sent one, it didn't get added to the list. Thunderbird only lists three mail types: Eudora, Outlook & Outlook Express.

Are Windows Live Mail messages in the same format as Outlook Express? (Since WLM replaced OE) If so, I'll stick with Thunderbird.

  Secret-Squirrel 21:32 15 Nov 2013

"There haven't been any post to my last thread today as it is now 'closed off', so if you sent one, it didn't get added to the list."

That's odd as I can clearly see my post from this morning @ 11:43 along with one from Rdave @ 09:43 - both are on page two of your other WLM thread.

Never mind though - here's what I posted:

Thunderbird is an excellent alternative if you decide you've wasted too many days trying to fix your WLE problems. To import your WLM messages you'll first need a Thunderbird add-on - see here for full details.

  rdave13 22:37 15 Nov 2013

Secret-Squirrel , the 'missing the second page' spotting, which happens frequently here. Not tallboy's fault totally :)

  tallboy 23:07 15 Nov 2013

Many thanks for the link Secret-Squirrel; I'm sure I tried to access the second page this afternoon. (See also rdave13's note.)

I've already got Thunderbird working on new mails - the numerous folders I have in WLM will take some exporting / sorting to get them in an easily usable order.

It's frustrating that WLM mail works in everything except reply & forward (it does send received receipts OK)& it still received messages OK. However, when shutting down it declares itself 'not working'.

Reading other web sites (e.g. Microsoft Answers) I see lots of people hate it for it's instability. (Compared to Outlook Express.)

  rdave13 23:31 15 Nov 2013

tallboy , just for me, create a new local admin account. Start from afresh an then install WLM then add your accounts. You can still use TB on the other accounts but I still think creating a new profile will work.

  tallboy 08:03 16 Nov 2013

rdave13: Thanks for the suggestion. I tried this and got the same errors, so deleted the account again.

I've also got another snag and the two might be caused by the same problem. On some web pages (for example, BT's when you try to go from your telephone & broadband page to your email set up password) I get a 'Awh' black page when I click the 'access' link. I get the same on the TopCashBack web site when I click a link to transfer to the selected vendor.

Could both of these issue be caused by something in the communications / firewall / AV settings?

I have never been able to get WLM to un-install correctly (so that I can re-install after a registry clean-up) it always comes up with an error.

Any other suggestions as to what to try / look at, would be most welcome.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:09 16 Nov 2013

"....... the numerous folders I have in WLM will take some exporting....."

You don't need to export anything from WLM - just point Thunderbird to the location of your WLM message store folder and they'll import automatically. Thereafter you can move the messages from the imported folders into their equivalent Thunderbird folders such as Inbox and Sent Items etc. For the other imported folders you could drag and drop them so they become sub-folders underneath Thunderbird's Inbox. Other imported folders that don't contain e-mails can be simply deleted.

I did all this for a chap recently with several thousand e-mail messages and it didn't take long at all (although it was a tad fiddly).

Good luck.

  tallboy 10:00 16 Nov 2013

Thanks for the advice Secret-Squirrel. I'll wait for a rainy (snowy?) / cold day later this week before doing it. Right now it's sunny in this part of Scotland, so we need to make the most of it!

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