Alternative way of backing up?

  m800afc 15:34 02 Dec 2008

Win XP Pro: SP3

I wish to backup my data. I have two USB2 drives, each containing nothing but data. There are no system files or applications. I have 400Gb of data, in total, nearly all Mp3 files. Rather than use Acronis or Paragon, I was thinking of simply copying the files across to my backup drive.

1: Is this a practical way of backing up my Mp3 files?

2: If I start to do this, and then switch user, will the copy procedure continue, or will it be stopped or corrupted in some way, by switching?

3: Having copied all my Mp3 files to the backup drive, if I subsequently wish to do a second backup, will the dialog box open saying "Files already exist do you wish to replace them?" (or similar). If I click "No to all", will only the new files be copied, effectively creating an incremental/differential style backup, with both old and new files being in the correct folders within the backup? Space is not a problem as I have a 1Tb backup drive.

  Rahere 15:43 02 Dec 2008

Not sure if the transfer will continue if you log out - one to try with a couple of files only perhaps?

I would set up a different back up routine for each task. I use a very simple backup program called replicator click here which allows me to create a number of backup tasks, it allows you to set the run frequency whether to compare files/replace/create separate backups etc. If you like this you can drag a shortcut into your startup folder and have load at boot so it runs on the dates you set.

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