Alternative sytem power? (parrallel power)

  Mysticnas 19:15 18 Oct 2003

hiya all,

I have a Gigabyte GA-SINXP1394 motherboard. I've just made a few changes, nothing drastic though. Anyway, in the process I had to unplug the ATX_12V plower lead from the motherboard. No problem, the PC's obviously powered down, and mains lead disconnected. Anyway, plugged everything back in, and i noticed somethings in the boot up screen that wasn't there before.

"System is being powered from Parrallel power" or something along those lines. Whats all this about?

I've had the Dual Power board inserted since i built the system and this has never shown up before. Basically for those not familiar with this board, it's got an option 6phase power circuit board, (this is for when your CPU is overclocked and ensures a stable power supply). I'm thinking it's something to do with this extra 6 phase power, but if this is the case then why hasn't this ever come up before?

Can anyone help?


  Mysticnas 19:36 18 Oct 2003

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