Alternative Software to iTunes for Adding Albums to iPod

  RegScriv 11:35 17 May 2014

Does anyone know of an alternative to iTunes - software that can add music albums & their album artwork to an iPod without having to use iTunes.

I lost my iTunes & the iTunes library when I updated to Windows 8. Now the only way to add albums to my iPod is to download iTunes & to painfully populate the iTunes library again, one album at a time. iTunes does not allow population of its iTunes library en mass.

All I need is the means to add an album with its artwork to my iPod. I have an extensive music library & to populate the iTunes library again is such a painful and frustrating job.

  Ian in Northampton 12:00 17 May 2014

Another vote for CopyTrans. Light, simple - and, best of all, not Apple.

  RegScriv 18:01 17 May 2014

Thanks MechKB 2 & Ian in Northampton for your useful suggestion. I'll give CopyTrans a try.

Woolwell, I lost my iTunes software & library when I did a clean install of Windows 8. All my music is stored & back up on an external hd in mp3 format. At the time I didn't need iTunes or the library but recently I wanted to add an album to my iPod. I hoped that the iTunes library would reverse sync from my iPod, but of course it won't. That meant re-populating the iTunes library from my ext hd before I could add the new album. iTunes will not transfer all the albums on the ext hd in one action, which is what I meant by "en mass", it will only allow files to be transferred, not folders. Therefore I have to transfer one album full of tracks/files at a time. This takes hours.

  john bunyan 21:29 17 May 2014

I will try to reply more fully tomorrow, but iTunes should be fine. A daughter lost her laptop drive and we found a simple way of getting all her iTunes off the iPod; There should be no difficulty in importing the back up to the iTunes - just create a folder for the back up - call it a name, copy and paste all the mp3's to it in bulk then in I tunes, music "add folder to the library" and point to the folder concerned.

We found a good free tool to reverse synch but I will add a few caveats tomorrow and provide a link. (some freebies are a bit "buggy")

  RegScriv 22:02 17 May 2014

Having read the Apple support article I notice that it's necessary to hold down the Windows key whilst opening iTunes. An option then comes up which allows a choice of which library you want to open. I assume it's then possible to select the backup library.

Having said that, I really don't like iTunes. For one thing, it seems to place PUPs on the system. Malwarebytes found these and removed them for them only to return again. Taking iTunes off the system got rid of them permanently.

I downloaded CopyTrans but it seemed to be a trial version showing I had 100 more actions to go. Does anyone know anything about "Media Monkey"? It seems to have a good write-up on several websites

  john bunyan 20:41 18 May 2014

I have no problems with iTunes on 2 laptops, 1ipod,1ipad an iPhone and a desktop in our family also with Malawarebytes. Never had a PUP from iTunes.

  RegScriv 21:32 18 May 2014

Ok, that's useful feedback, thanks. I've got no PUPs at present. Could be a coincidence.

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