alternative program to msgtag?

  palinka 15:41 24 Nov 2004

I've had such problems over the last few days (see threads at click here , click here , and click here)mthat I've had to abandon msgtag. But for my purposes it was very useful. Does anyone know of an alternative?

  Cook2 16:08 24 Nov 2004

You say you are using Outlook Express which I believe is the same as Outlook, so go to Tools - Options - E-mail options - Tracking Options - and tick 'Request a read receipt for all messages I send'.

  palinka 16:14 24 Nov 2004

thanks, Cook2 - I use that from time to time, but that relies on the recipient a) clicking Yes; b) remembering to actually send that message; many of the folk i write to seem incapable of managing that! msgtag needed them to do nothing except open the email.

  Cook2 16:26 24 Nov 2004

OH, I see now, I misuderstood. I'll have a little search while I'm having my tea and biscuits.

  Lionheart ? 16:35 24 Nov 2004

Really strange, since upgrading to AVG 7 and I am using MSGTAG, I have not had any problems,like yourself and many others. Must be lucky I guess, fingers crossed (X).

  Cook2 16:36 24 Nov 2004

Found this Egotit Version-4 from click here

  €dstowe 16:36 24 Nov 2004

I have used msgtag for a long time and find it very ueseful and no problem.

Have you contacted the developers of the program about this difficulty? I remember one occasion where msgtag was misbehaving in a minor way for me so I got in touch with the makers and they sorted it out in no time. Give it a go, they are keen to know any difficulties anyone may have with their "baby"

click here


  palinka 17:26 24 Nov 2004

Thanks €dstowe, yes, I'm waiting for a reply from them. I too have found them helpful in the past, so I'm hoping they can sort this one. just thought there must be others out there with same problem and maybe can rearn from them how to solve this one.
Thanks for the link Cook2; I'll try that if msgtag has to be consigned to the scrap heap.

  end 18:55 24 Nov 2004

just "tagging along"::))

have looked at this for myself, but, as the the thing says, it is for use with an e mail client, which I do not use; I read mine direct off the server ; will be following this with interest:)

  Cook2 19:03 24 Nov 2004

palinka, if you use XP this is the one Egotit Version-3XP. I'm giving it a test run for the 30 day trial period, so far looks OK.

  palinka 21:53 24 Nov 2004

thanks Cook2, but on this pc I use ME. Will be interested to hear results of your trial.
Have had a response from msgtag - they say to check firewall settings aren't blocking access - well I've deleted the firewall (temporarily) so it can't be that. They also say do I require an HTTP proxy to access the web? Again, I don't (or don't think I do; I'll check it out).
Beginning to wonder if a clean install of msgtag might do the trick. At the moment it's still installed , but set to "off"

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