Alternative to PC printer ink cartridge

  vvdole 04:59 11 May 2016

Can we find alternative for costly pc ink cartridge? one thought came to my mind which is I am keeping before you people that instead of ink cartridge can we use a normal ball-pen? Some R&D will be required but let us look into this I am from india and any kind of pc cartridge cost in between Rs. 500 to 1200 (Black only) max capacity of 8 ml to 20 ml, with changes in PC printer user should be in a position to use a normal ball pen (which cost hardly Rs 5 and no fear of ink dryness and can write around 100 pages) to write the word doc, as I am having PC printer which is used only for normal letter printing and that is also in BLACK. this will be very useful for normal usage - Thanks

  alanrwood 09:20 11 May 2016

Sorry but no chance. A ball pen can not write in anything like sufficient definition (ie small enough dots). Also a ball pen relies on contact with the surface in order to rotate the ball which has the ink. printing dots would not allow this. Good idea but in this case not possible but keep up the lateral thinking and one day??!!??

  BT 12:14 11 May 2016

There were (and maybe still are) plotters that used ball pens/Felt pens in different colours, but I think the engineering would be far too complex to make a printer to print text.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:15 11 May 2016

Not in the manufacturer's interest to make.

The printer it self is often sold at a loss the money to be made is is the ink cartridges drop for drop printer ink is more expensive than liquid gold :0)

  bumpkin 00:23 14 May 2016

So if you mean Rupees, about a fiver which is less that it costs here. 21:40 14 May 2016

Some years ago there were continous ink systems for inkjet printers. This consisted of a special cartridge which was supplied with ink from a much larger bottle and this made the cost of the ink much lower.

I have not used this system myself an cannot say how good it was in practice. Whether there is a system which would work on your printer I cannot say, but you could try google to see if there is one.

The initial cost may be relatively high but the cost of ink should be much lower than repacing cartridges.

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