Alternative to Outlook Express

  emmandelo1 18:57 05 Sep 2003

Hi guys, can anyone suggest an alternative to OE. This is for my father-in-law (75 years old) He has win95 on a fairly basic machine and i belive it's OE5. He only uses his computer for Word Processing and e-mailing all his mates around the world. OE is playing up at present. I am visiting this weekend and will try to resolve it but just in case it may be prudent to have another prog I can put on for him.

  seedie 19:03 05 Sep 2003

See how he gets on with Eudora.

  seedie 19:04 05 Sep 2003

Ummmm foxmail?

  emmandelo1 19:08 05 Sep 2003

I'd considered eudora but apparently there are problems importing setting, messages etc. from OE. any experience of this?

I shall investigate foxmail.

  whybe 19:13 05 Sep 2003

When you say OE5 is 'playing up' how exactly. Is it just needing a tweak of the settings? OE6 is a better more secure product I don't know whether it works with W95 although I would imagine so but I'm sure or more expert guys will know.

  emmandelo1 19:22 05 Sep 2003

whybe, I'm not sure. I haven't seen what it's doing yet. He says he can't connect to Freeserve and it's coming up with a 'MSIMN an error has occured in your program' message. I'm hoping it is just corrupted freeserve settings as he can't connect even with IE or OE not open.

seedie, have looked at foxmail, it might be simpler for him to use than Eudora, thanks for that.

  krypt1c 19:30 05 Sep 2003

seedie - do you use foxmail ? Is it any good ?

  Linus Tourvald 19:32 05 Sep 2003
  emmandelo1 19:44 05 Sep 2003

Thanks guys, will put both foxmail and eudora on a CD and take them with me. I'll tick this as resolved now.

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