Alternative Operating System to Microsoft

  WelshPrincess 00:38 14 Jun 2017

Which is the best free, alternative operating system to Microsoft?

  tullie 05:58 14 Jun 2017


  WelshPrincess 10:01 14 Jun 2017

Thank you, tullie.

  Belatucadrus 12:56 14 Jun 2017

There are quite a few Linux variants available, my favourite freebie is Mint

  LastChip 10:33 16 Jun 2017

As Belatucadrus says, Linux Mint is very nice indeed and the 18.1 version (almost the latest) is stable and has long term support to April 2021. I suggest you choose the Cinnamon version using either 32 bit or 64 bit as your hardware dictates.

  WelshPrincess 09:14 19 Jun 2017

Belatucadrus and LastChip. Thank you for your help.

  MJS WARLORD 14:12 20 Jun 2017

WARNING.... hope you see this welsh..... be very careful when installing any linux , i said yes to too many questions about partitioning during installing mint.. because i did not fully understand what was happening i was unable to dual boot between windows and linux. it turned out that i had accidentally destroyed windows.. i would recommend you post " how to do it " questions on a linux forum and if possible try and find somebody who can show or do it for you.... btw i did not mind loosing windows on that particular pc as it was vista lol.

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