Alternative for office shortcut bar???

  fLeAbOy 15:27 13 Oct 2003

Hi Guys,

Due to a recent upgrade at work, we have now moved to using Microsoft Office 2003 from Microsoft Office 2000.

All seems to be great apart from one thing, there doesn't appear to be any functionality within Office 2003 to use the office shortcut bar, that was a standard feature in 2000.

Does anyone know if the shortcut bar is still lurking around somewhere, and if not, does anybody know of any good alternatives.


  Jabba10 15:31 13 Oct 2003

go to start/programs/Microsoft Office tools/Microsoft Office Shortcut it and hey presto!

  Sir Radfordin 15:33 13 Oct 2003

As Jabba10 points out, it is still there you just have to hunt for it, and you may need to add a shortcut into the startup folder for your profile to get it to load at startup.

  Taran 17:20 13 Oct 2003

You can make your own custom toolbar with any and all icon shortcuts on it if you like.

Right click on your taskbar, scroll up to the option called Toolbars then click on New Toolbar. Assuming that you created a folder full of shortcuts you would like to appear on your new toolbar, browse to the folder and select it as the new toolbar source then click OK.

You can turn off the full text and title descriptions of each icon and only have the icon images displayed on the toolbar if that's what blows your skirt up.

Other alternatives are out there as third party products.

Sauasage software produce the amusingly named SilverThingy click here

It's a free download which adds a silver toolbar to your desktop. You can add program shortcuts to it at will and it's silly enough to be fun.

There's nothing wrong though, with creating a folder somewhere on your system(s) with the application shortcuts in it that you would like to appear on your toolbar then simply make your own using the process described above.



  fLeAbOy 19:18 13 Oct 2003

I think that just about wraps all the options for this.

Just to satisfy your curiosity Beta, this is for my machine at work, and i can only assume Microsoft have the company i work for tied up in one of those nice fat contracts that keeps Bill Gates in silk toilet tissue!!!

I'm one of five people who are currently testing out a new platform that we're deploying in January so it is pretty hot off the press so to speak.

Thanks again guys!!

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