alternative to kazaa

  andygpz 14:49 30 Sep 2003

i have heard bad reports about kazaa is there any other program that does the same thing so as my daughter can download music(i am new to comps so an easy one would be helpfull thanks

  bvw in bristol 14:59 30 Sep 2003
  alan 2273 15:01 30 Sep 2003

If you take my advice you will not pit any p2p programmes on your computer as they are all sources for viruses, if you must have one make sure your anti virus is up to date and you have a suitable firewall. I have tried 3 of these p2p programmes and have got viruses of all of them.

  struggle8 15:13 30 Sep 2003

try winmx its great and free

  Megatyte 15:49 30 Sep 2003


WinMx is clean.

  tenplus1 15:52 30 Sep 2003

Shareaza is a good alternative to Kazaa...

It doesnt contain any spyware and lets you search 3 different networks... plus... it also lets you download the new BitTorrent files...

click here <-- Link to site

  bremner 15:53 30 Sep 2003

You could always use a site that provides legal download facilities like OD2.

  Beb? 16:01 30 Sep 2003

or not...

  lixdexik 16:04 30 Sep 2003


  mammak 16:10 30 Sep 2003

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  WiLL-A 16:11 30 Sep 2003

WinMX is only good for music whereas KaZaa Lite allows downloading of any file types.

Get it here click here

It is basically a reverse engineered version of KaZaa with the spy/adware stripped out and and other useful features put in.

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