Alternative Ink Cartridges

  Press Man 15:18 28 Mar 2011

Hi Guys,

Can any one tell me if these "Think" cartridges are ok to use with a Canon ip4500? Thinking of getting the "Jumbo Pack".
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  Taff™ 15:41 28 Mar 2011

Used to use Think cartridges from Choice all the time with various printers including the IP4000 and IP4300 - they are fine.

  Pine Man 16:32 28 Mar 2011

I run an IP5200 and until recently would never, ever had considered compatibles but I'm now on my second set of 'Think' cartridges and I'm completely sold having seen no difference between these and Canon - apart from the price!!!

  GaT7 17:19 28 Mar 2011

I have an ip4600 & (apart from the first time) have always used compatibles purchased from eBay with no problems. Each time the cartridges have arrived individually boxed + sealed & are less than half the price of Choice/Think cartridges. G

  Press Man 17:34 28 Mar 2011

I think my question has been answered but I shall leave this open a while longer. Many thanks for the replies.

  Terry Brown 17:38 28 Mar 2011

For a reliable ing cartridge, go for a JETTEC compatable. In my opinion the best you can get.

See link for suppliers.

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