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  cowgirl66 09:42 17 Apr 2007

Hi there,

I have the latest free version of Avast! but would like to know how it compares with AntiVir? Or any other free antirus for that matter.

I am particuarly curious about AntiVir though because some reports I've read make out that it's the best free one about.

Regards, cowgirl66

  MAJ 09:50 17 Apr 2007

See if this helps, cowgirl66. click here

  cowgirl66 11:04 17 Apr 2007


Sorry for the delay but got involved trying to find an address on Royal Mail's website!

I followed your link and indeed, the winner of the bunch is AntiVir. No harm in having a try then so I think will switch to this one :-)

  Darth_chaffinch 15:00 05 Feb 2008

I've read that Avast hogs memory, does anyone know if this issue is much worse than Antivir?? I have Avast and whilst excellent, it does seem to eat memory!

  gudgulf 15:40 05 Feb 2008

I use AntiVir on two computers.

The paid for Premium version on the main pc and the free Personal edition on the second.

The paid for version includes adware/sptware definitions and active email scanning whereas the free edition has neither of those.

Email is covered in the free version though as any nasty that tries to run will be picked up if it tries to run.

One of the main reasons I like AntiVir is it has very low overheads....low memory use and does not slow the pc down at all......that's with both Vista and XP.It also has much much better heuristic detection (picking up new viruses not covered by the definition database) than AVG and Avast.

When using any free antivirus a good active anti adware/spyware program is a good idea..Spyware Terminator is very good click here

I've personally never liked AVG and prefer Avast but neither match Antivir in my opinion.

  Darth_chaffinch 15:44 05 Feb 2008

Thanks very much Gudgulf, will switch to Antivir- use superanti spyware and spybot for ad/malware.


  oldbeefer2 16:40 05 Feb 2008

Interesting thread - I've always used Avast!, but will look closer at Antivir (which I had not heard about before).

  tullie 16:57 05 Feb 2008

I have use Avast for as long as i can remember,without any problems,but it all personnel choice.

  mfletch 17:07 05 Feb 2008

Also AntiVir scans for RootKits and the others do not {Avast/AVG}


  Totally-braindead 17:10 05 Feb 2008

Agree with tullie here. I use AVG free and have done for some time and its kept me virus free. I was just saying on another thread last week that I haven't even seen a virus for about 18 months on my PC.

I'll stick with AVG, perhaps Antivir is better, the trouble is different companies, magazines included, do tests in slightly different ways so in some one particular AV program appears to be better than another but in the same month another company can say that another program is better.

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