Alternative to Firewire Card

  Dirk Diggler 19:36 10 Dec 2008

Have a new PC which has an NVIDIA gfx card in it and all running smoothly - happy days!!

Problem is that I want to take the firewire card from and old PC (to hook up my DV camcorder) but the fan on my new gfx card is obstructing the slot that I would need to put it into.

Any suggestions as to how I can get round this as I really want to be able to use my new PC's power to do some video editing rather than on my old slow PC

Many thanks

  DieSse 19:42 10 Dec 2008

It's not uncommon for motherboards to have Firewire ports these days - but it may just be a header on the motherboard rather than an external connector.

Post the motherboard make/model number and someone will look for you.

  woodchip 19:43 10 Dec 2008

You could use one of these, if you have connections, top left on this page click here

  woodchip 19:45 10 Dec 2008

Price is £14.59 at the top of the right hand page of link

but as DieSse if your motherboard as a Firewire header you could fit a front one in a Drive bay

  Dirk Diggler 20:02 10 Dec 2008

Thanks so far - I didnt think about checking the actual mobo.

I am not at home at the mo so will post the mobo model asap

Cheers again

  ambra4 20:11 10 Dec 2008

Take a look at this unit

7-Port USB 2.0 IEEE 1394 Combo Hub with Power Supply

click here

  Dirk Diggler 20:40 10 Dec 2008

Board: DIXONSXP MS-7358 1.0
Bus Clock: 267 megahertz
BIOS: American Megatrends Inc. 080014 03/03/2008

  ambra4 23:25 10 Dec 2008

The motherboard is a MS-7358 1.0 series you can download the motherboard pdf manual from

this site second one down

click here

On-Board Pin headers / Connectors

3- USB 2.0 Pin headers

1- 1394 Pin header Firewire

1- SPDIF-out pin header

1- CD-in connector

1- Front audio pin header

1- VFD connector

  Dirk Diggler 08:38 11 Dec 2008

Thanks for that

I note the "1394 Pin Header"

Will this mean I can just plug firewire lead into it on the mobo and run it out through a back plate or do I need some kind of adaptor?

  woodchip 09:27 11 Dec 2008

Yes, Through the front to a Front Firewire bay. This is a 3.5 bay click here

This one would be okay for you and connect to any headers that you motherboard supports click here

  woodchip 09:29 11 Dec 2008

Check this page out click here

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