Alternative Digital Photo Editing Program ( FREE )

  minefield 21:00 22 May 2005

A lot of people seem to be looking for an alternative to photoshop,paintshop pro ect and free usually comes up as a big WANT.

Well you could take a look here click here

Not been using this that long myself but it is a very good program and it's Free.

By the way I own Photoshop and this i use sometimes instead of,Now surely that says something about the program.

  123pete 21:09 22 May 2005

Looks like a good progam

  woodchip 21:16 22 May 2005

Or you could try click here

  minefield 21:29 22 May 2005

woodchip as always your right "The GIMP " is a very good program, But i feel photofiltre is a better program for people who just want a quick fix for there digitals photo's.

Photofiltre is an easy and quick way to get all the effects you want or need and is also a program that in the right hands with someone taking a little time to learn the program it is an advanced tool to.

  woodchip 21:34 22 May 2005

I only use a Simple one It does all I need, But it's got taken Over by Coral. Micrografx Picture Publisher 8. Although I have PSP Anniversary Edition and lots more I always go back to PP

  minefield 21:41 22 May 2005

Each to there own,I was shown this program by a friend a few weeks ago,And found it a very good program.

Just thought i'd share it with anyone who is intrested in trying something new that does IMHO a very good job.

  Buchan 35 21:47 22 May 2005

Thanks for that. I use Picasa 2 myself because it`s idiot proof but I`ve downloaded yours to have a look at tomorrow. Thanks again

  hssutton 22:32 22 May 2005

I can certainly second minefields recommendation. I mainly use Photoshop CS2, but Photofiltre is a very handy tool to have on your PC. Far better than a lot of the progs you pay for.

  minefield 08:47 23 May 2005

Glad to hear someone else is in agreement about the Quality of this program.

  iscanut 10:16 23 May 2005

Although I use Photoshop Elements 3, I also like Picassa 2 and it is worth a look..
Here ... click here

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