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  Batch 14:11 24 Apr 2013

Years ago I switched from Acrobat Reader to Foxit. At that time (if my memory chip serves me well), the Foxit download was about 3MB. Foxit have just launched V6 and the download has now reached bloatware proportions at 28MB (last V5 was less tham 16MB) and the menus have gone to ribbons.....

So I'm considering switching to another - Sumatra caught my eye (and it's 4.75MB).

Anyone got any comments on Sumatra (or want to suggest similar lightweight alternatives)?

  tullie 16:20 24 Apr 2013

my foxit is about 43 megs

  Pine Man 16:50 24 Apr 2013

Sumatra works well for me and it's very fast.

  Sea Urchin 17:54 24 Apr 2013

Hi Batch - funnily enough I was just thinking yesterday how Foxit has changed. I too moved some years ago from Adobe to a program with a much smaller footprint, but since then they seem to have been emulating Adobe and expanded out of all proportion.

I hadn't heard of Sumatra (the program!) but I shall certainly try it out.

  Batch 18:39 24 Apr 2013

Having looked around I've also come across SlimPDF ( ) which is an amazing 1.43MB

And Nuance ( ) which I haven't managed to download yet (doesn't bode well, but it purports to be fully featured and lightweight)

More info on both of these at:

  Batch 18:57 24 Apr 2013

Nuance downloaded now - 31MB

  SimpleSimon1 10:28 25 Apr 2013

I originally moved from Acrobat=>Foxit and then, last year, from Foxit=>Sumatra (because of Foxit 'bloat'). I defo haven't regretted the move; Sumatra is lightweight (3Mb or 5Mb download) and very fast. It's functionality might be thought by some to be slightly limited but, let's face it, most of us just want a fast, simple pdf browser....and Sumatra fulfils that brief, admirably.

The only down side is the authors 'interesting' choice of a default background colour (eye-searing yellow!)...however, that can easily be changed and I suspect that it's the first thing that a lot of users do :-)


  Sea Urchin 11:07 25 Apr 2013

I have gone with Sumatra and it seems good. But I can't see how to change away from that "eye-searing yellow"

  SimpleSimon1 12:32 25 Apr 2013

Sea Urchin

Google is your friend :-) e.g. How to Change Sumatra Background Colour

Just use the appropriate hex code for whatever colour you want.

  Sea Urchin 13:42 25 Apr 2013

Thanks SimpleSimon1

I found your link slightly overwhelming with 4 different answers, and found this to be much easier to follow - successfully changed now

Sumatra color change

  Sea Urchin 13:44 25 Apr 2013


According to McAfee your download site for PDF Editor seems to be suspect

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