Altering column sequence

  cruiser2 14:58 23 Feb 2012

Have put data in columns in OPenOffice org 3.3 Spreadsheet. Is there a way to reverse the order of the columns which are in date order. I do not want to have to re-type the data. Many thanks for any help

  Newuser939 18:25 23 Feb 2012

Copy and paste each column onto a new sheet?

  GroupFC 20:40 23 Feb 2012

I am not an expert in open office but in Excel and Libre it is possible to use data sort to re-arrange the columns. In the menus look for data>sort usually by default this will sort my rows. You may find an options tab that will allow you select "sort by columns".


  lotvic 21:07 23 Feb 2012

In Excel, first I make a copy of sheet (so that I always have the original safe) then on the sheet I want to rearrange I insert a blank column then select a column and drag/move it across and plonk it in the blank column I created.

  GroupFC 22:18 23 Feb 2012

But if you want to re-arrange data that is in a series of dates, which is what I understood the op wanted, surely that could be massively time consuming. Surely it is much easier to go data>sort>options and select "sort left to right"?

  lotvic 01:27 24 Feb 2012

GroupFC, agreed that's much better for a series of dates etc, but if only want to move a few to different position it's useful to know the manual way.

  cruiser2 10:41 24 Feb 2012

Thank you for your replies. Have managed to sort it using information from the Help menu. Have learnt something new. This thread is now closed

  lotvic 14:30 24 Feb 2012

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