Alphabetize Favorites

  bigray 09:46 28 Mar 2006

can any one please help, how do I Alphabetize Favorites in internet explorer 7
using win xp, can't seem to get it right in IE7

  spuds 09:55 28 Mar 2006

Is IE7 still in beta mode!.

  micklemouse 09:55 28 Mar 2006

right click on a space in the favorites list and choose "sort by name"

  Stuartli 10:00 28 Mar 2006

The right click and Sort by Name also applies to Firefox bookmarks.

  phil.smith 10:18 28 Mar 2006

How do I do this in IE 6 please? I want to alphabetise the entries within each of my favourites folders. Right clicking only seems to open one of the favourite sites,



  Minkey1 10:23 28 Mar 2006

Go to Favorites at the top (between View and Tools) click to open, highlight each folder, move across to the contents, right click anywhere, select sort by name.

  bigray 10:45 28 Mar 2006

thanks every one but for some reason I don't get the right click sort by name
it is a beta version

  watchful 11:03 28 Mar 2006

only seems to appear when you click on Favourites right at the top of the screen. If you click on the Toolbar (star) it doesn't appear.

  bigray 12:51 28 Mar 2006

unfortunately IE7 doesn't have it at the top of page, only the star, but thanks

  johnnyrocker 12:57 28 Mar 2006

do you not have file/edit/view/favourites etc?


  watchful 12:58 28 Mar 2006

What about Start, Favourites? you can do it from there if you right-click anywhere in the list and choose 'sort by name.'

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