alot toolbar removal

  aincientone 20:39 17 Jun 2011

how can I remove the alot toolbar from my computer?remove

  rdave13 20:48 17 Jun 2011

ehow alot removal In Vista or 7 it is programs and features.

  aincientone 21:00 17 Jun 2011

Sorry, I should have specified XP

  rdave13 21:02 17 Jun 2011

Then it's add/remove.

  aincientone 11:04 19 Jun 2011

No, It's not a simple as that, there is no sign of alot in progams, folders, files etc. It's probably to be found in the Registry but I lack the skill and confidence to mess with that. It's some kind of malware and I have run all the well known cleaners without success.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:18 19 Jun 2011
  aincientone 12:22 19 Jun 2011

I suspect this forum is infected with the alot malware. None of the suggestions received so far have been of the slightest use.

  rdave13 19:44 19 Jun 2011


Sorry to disappoint but sometimes the easier replies work.

Try ToolbarCop

Please read the tutorial in the link as it's a powerful tool even though a tad old. Use it at your own risk.

  aincientone 10:46 21 Jun 2011

I should be very grateful if anyone who has recent experience of successfully removing the malicious computer infection "alot" could advise me of a method that works. I have had a number of suggestions some of them naively inappropriate others seeming expert but none of them working. At the moment the most regular manifestation of this pest is that when I open Firefox the google search page automatically appears already ostensibly loaded with exactly the same 53 million answers as last time.
None of the first 30 or so answers works but I don't believe that among your clever readers there is no one who can help me. Please.

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