Alohabob PC Relocator

  Boghound 08:25 05 Aug 2006

Bought new computor...Have Pc Relocator...Does it remove the programs from the old computer or just copy them to the new one?

  ArrGee 10:44 05 Aug 2006

It just copies them to the new one. The files on the old pc remain intact.

  ArrGee 10:46 05 Aug 2006

Also, worth reading this...

What happens if I have partitioned my Source PC but my Target PC has only one partition?

You have a few options:
You can do nothing and just perform the relocation with the default selections. Alohabob PC Relocator will create sub-directories on your Target PC that mirror the partitions on your Source PC. For example, Source drive E: would be relocated into Target folder C:\DRIVE_E. All entries in the Target PC's registry, .INI files, etc. will be updated to reflect the new Target locations of the data and programs on the Source drives. Your Target PC will work just fine . This is the easiest and least time consuming alternative.
For experts only: You can partition your Target PC into drive letters that match your Source PC. This is the best alternative but takes a little more preparation. Alohabob PC Relocator will relocate the contents of each Source drive to the matching Target drive. Just make sure that there is enough space on all Target drives to hold the data and programs to be relocated from the Source drive!

For experts only: The last option is simply not to transfer one or more of the "extra" partitions on the Source PC. This is generally a good idea if the partition is used for system backups (system information from the Source PC won't do any good on the Target PC!). However, there may be programs on one drive that depend on files on another drive. If you choose not to relocate a particular drive, you may violate these dependencies and cause unforeseen problems. Take this option with caution!

  Boghound 10:56 05 Aug 2006

Thanks "Argee"...I posted just to put my mind at rest! Have you used it and I take it you still have to enter the "moved" program codes?

  ArrGee 11:11 05 Aug 2006

Yes, you still have to enter the 'moved' program codes.

Do you want to keep the apps and files on your old pc intact?

  Boghound 11:14 05 Aug 2006


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