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  emmandelo1 17:59 14 Sep 2008

Hi, does anyone know of a digital camera on the market that can hold two memory cards, so that before taking a photo you can flick a switch or something so that you can decide which memory card to save it onto. Thanks.

  Technotiger 18:06 14 Sep 2008

A camcorder with a Mem Card might do it for you, one that is capable of taking 'snaps' while recording video and that also has a separate photo card.

  emmandelo1 18:20 14 Sep 2008

Thanks Technotiger. That would be one way of doing it, but don't really want to go that route.

  tullie 18:25 14 Sep 2008

Its easy enough just to swap them over when you want to,but why bother?

  Technotiger 18:30 14 Sep 2008

Always carry two cameras!

  emmandelo1 18:41 14 Sep 2008

LOL! wife and I are going away, we always carry two cameras as have completely different interests in photo taking. But this time she has lent her camera to our daughter so will only have one camera with us. I just trying to save time when we get back of having to trawl through all the photo's she's taken that have no interest to me. My thinking is that now my daughters got the camera we stand very little chance of ever getting it back so if I've got to buy a replacement might as well look for something to avoid this cropping up again (as have another daughter on the lookout for freebies!) Guess I will just to to grin and bear it.

  howard64 18:47 14 Sep 2008

when digital cameras first came out they had their own built in memory [quite small] and provision for a much bigger memory card. I wonder if any still come like this?

  woodchip 19:40 14 Sep 2008

As above use different memory cards you can get a SD Memory Wallet from click here=

  exdragon 19:48 14 Sep 2008

My old Olympus C5050 used to take CF, SD (or XD, I can't remember) and Smart Media - I don't know if the latest Olympus versions would have the same facility. You just chose which card you wanted to use.

When it first came out, it was the latest thing since sliced bread...

  karmgord 19:56 14 Sep 2008

my nikon lets you name folders on the memory where to store the pictures,therefore you could have one folder called "Slave" and store her pickies there when she uses the camera and name another folder called "the master" for when you use the camera,of course it might be the other way around!

  ruskle 20:18 14 Sep 2008

I use a Fujifilm 9650 and it takes XD and CF both fitted at once. Simple matter to change over as and when. I have 4gb CF and a 1gb XD, don't ask why, I just have. The CF fits the desktop PC and the XD the Laptop so I can trabsfer ither way.


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