Allowing second computer to access internet

  tristar 18:48 13 Dec 2007

My son, who uses AOL broadband for his internet connection would like to allow HIS son to access the internet from his own computer.
Is there a web site that can explain (in simple terms) how to go about setting this up? My son does not use a wireless set up, but we assume the second computer will have to.
Would appreciate being pointed in the right direction!



  Graham. 19:14 13 Dec 2007
  tristar 19:23 13 Dec 2007

That would seem to cover it, many thanks, I'll pass it on.


  MAJ 19:28 13 Dec 2007

1. If the computers are close together (5-10 metres), he could set up a wired adhoc network between the computers using a crossover cable and ICS (internet connection sharing), but the main PC would need to be switched on for the second computer to access the internet. (not ideal, but the cheapest solution, about £10).

2. If the two computers are further apart (up to 30 metres), he could set up a wireless adhoc network between the two computers using two USB wireless adapters and ICS, one plugged into each computer. Again, not ideal as the main computer needs to be on when the other computer wants to access the internet. Cost about £40.

3. The best option is to buy a witeless modem router and a USB wireless adapter. Set the router up on the main PC, set the wireless adapter up on the second PC and the second PC will connect to the router via the wireless adapter. You can install a second USB wireless adapter on the main PC and have it connecting wirelessly to the router as well, or you can have the router wired to the main PC via an ethernet cable and do without the second USB wireless adapter.
This would be the best and the most expensive option, about £50-£70, but it means the main PC doesn't have to be turned on for the second PC to access the internet, plus, you don't have to mess around with wires or ICS (which can be a puke to get right).

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