Allow email only from those in my address book

  frager 13:19 24 Feb 2003

Is it possible for me to configure Outlook Express so that I receive emails *only* from those in my address book.
I think I read something about this in James Coates' column in the Chicago Tribune, but I cannot find it now

  jazzypop 13:27 24 Feb 2003

You need to create a rule to check whether the Sender is in your Contacts.

See the 3rd message at click here for one method of doing this.

  frager 22:53 25 Feb 2003

Thanks for your pointer to the thread re Spam.
However, there are a number of points I could not follow
LeeH says that using the Outlook Address Book does not work.
The part I would like to use is the last one he mentions towards the end of his posting i.e.
Apply this rule after the message arrives
Move it to the “Junk” folder
except if sender is in “Contacts” address book.

1. I don’t know how to insert the last line above.

2. I am unsure how to create a contacts folder outside of the Outlook Address book.

I am using Outlook Express 6.0

Thanks for your patience.

  tbh72 00:09 26 Feb 2003

I am assuming you are able to open the Create New Rule Dialog Box, and prior to doing so create a folder in outlook called junk.

It's a two step process, and it's probably the second step which is confusing you.

Step 1, Remove the address which is listed in the people box, and then click the ADDRESS button, from here select the allowed e-mail addresses.

Step 2, So far you have used to of the three buttons, 1. The REMOVE button, and then the ADDRESS button. Now you have to press the OPTION button, put a tick in the second option. This basically tells OE that these are you acceptable recipients. After clicking OK you return to the original dialog box, all you have to do now is select the option from the second pane wich say's "Move to XX Folder".

  jazzypop 00:20 26 Feb 2003

Please accept my deepest apologies - I appear to have given you false hope and wasted your time.

The rules options in Outlook Express are far more limited than in Outlook. Specifically, Outlook Express does not have an 'except' option. The advice above is specific to Outlook, and will not work with Outlook Express.

I only use Outlook myself, and failed to check the Outlook Express options properly before posting.

By way of some consolation, allow me to suggest the excellent advice regarding blocking spam at click here and click here

  tbh72 11:05 26 Feb 2003

I do use OE & it is possible to do what frager what want's, but in psuedo code it's all ass about face so to speak.

In OE when you click on an e-mail to create a rule, the dialog box open with three buttons bottom right, ADDRESS which is selectedable, REMOVE which is greyed out & OPTIONS which is selectable.

Step 1. would be to activiate the REMOVE button, by selecting the e-mail address which is listed bottom left. PRESS REMOVE BUTTON.

Step 2. press the ADDRESS button & add all of the e-mails you want to allow into your INBOX.

Step 3. press the OPTION button, and select the second choice which reads..."Message DOES NOT Contain The Addresses Listed Below..."

Step 4. select the ACTION for this rule, which would be Move to JUNK / SPAM folder.

The above is the absolute easiest way to create a SINGLE rule for the action of only accepting messages from people in your address book.

Frager.... If you continue to fail to set this up I will upload step by step instruction & picture's to my server.... It's not easy & I can quite clearly see how the programmers could have bettered this option in OE

  frager 00:08 27 Feb 2003

Thanks for your replies.

I will be unable to get around to trying your suggestions for a day or two.

I will let you know how get on.

  tbh72 22:36 28 Feb 2003

I look forward to finding out if our help has been of use. I would certainly like to know if I fully understood your needs

  frager 19:18 01 Mar 2003


I seem to be unable to get the exact dialog box you mention. I am unable to find a dialog box with three buttons labelled Address, Remove and Options
I have the preview pane disabled.
When I select a message (without opening it), click on Message in the menu bar – Create a Rule from message I get a New Mail Rule dialog box with four separate sections:
1. Select the conditions for your rule (which has twelve choices)
2. Select the actions for your rule (also twelve choices)
3. Rule description
4. Name of rule

If I click on Tools --- Message Rules ----Mail--- I get a dialog box called ‘Message Rules’ with two panes (or white sections).On the top panel there are three tabs Mail Rules, New Rules and Blocked senders. To the right of the this section I have five buttons—New, Modify, Copy, Remove, Apply now
The bottom panel is called Rule description.

If you could let me know where to find the dialog box you mention I am sure I will be able to take it from there.


  tbh72 21:56 01 Mar 2003

The dialog pops up when you select the email address listed in box3.

  frager 23:22 01 Mar 2003

I think I have finally managed to create the rule.
The first step was not obvious and it took me two attempts before I got it right. Time will tell.

I appreciate your efforts and patience and prompt replies.


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