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Allocate Disk Space To Primary Partition

  Solvaworld1 14:48 09 Oct 2019

Hi, Like an idiot when I installed my operating system onto new laptop I partitioned the C:DRIVE 28GB and created another disk drive 900 GB Suffice to say my C Drive is now full, but I was hoping if there was anyway of allocating the abundance of spare data of my d drive to my c drive without wiping the drive and starting over again I also seem to have lost my windows disk which makes it even more annoying. I have seen various tutorials but they are just re-allocating data amongst partitions on 1 drive. However I havent seen anything on moving data from one disc to another.


  alanrwood 15:23 09 Oct 2019

Most partition managers will do that without a problem. You could try Easeus PM or Macrorit, both have free versions. First you just reduce the size of the 900GB partition at the front end then Expand the C partition into the created space. I would say the C partition needs to be at least 80GB to leave plenty of room for Windows updates to operate in.

  john bunyan 15:42 09 Oct 2019

I agree; would even allocate about 150- 200 to C and ensure you reset users data to go to D

  Solvaworld1 16:00 09 Oct 2019

So I have reduced the space on the c drive, but I believe as they are 2 separate disc drives windows disk manager won’t allow me to allocate that space to the c drive.

  wee eddie 16:19 09 Oct 2019

You haven't told us what size the Hard Drive is yet?

  Solvaworld1 16:50 09 Oct 2019

So the C Drive is 29gb with 28 used the d is 931 with 40 used.

  john bunyan 18:25 09 Oct 2019

Assuming it is one drive in total, it is the D Drive you need to reduce from the left to leave space to expand the C drive. 29 gig is far too small - windows alone will take up most of that , never mind other software

  Solvaworld1 20:26 09 Oct 2019

So to be clear their is two drives, I partitioned them, as they are two drives windows went let me use the available on the D to add to the C.

  wee eddie 21:22 09 Oct 2019

Do you have Two Drives or one Drive with Two Partitions?

  john bunyan 08:04 10 Oct 2019

What if s the name and model no of laptop?

  alanrwood 10:21 10 Oct 2019

I am confused.

Do you have one or two physical hard drives in your computer.

Please list the partitions on each drive and what drive letter is allocated to each one.

Go to Windows Admin Tools/Computer Management/Disk Management to see the information. Maybe post a screen shot so we see the details first hand.

What program did you use to change the partition.

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