all you linux experts a question?

  dazzling 19:29 11 Nov 2004

a few actually.i have decided to install mandrake 10.1 official discs on preperation for this i have created a 20gb ext3 partition (1 of 3)on my second harddrive.i then thought about it as i am wanting to dual boot with xp the following things came to mind.i have four hard drives on ide channels 3 & 4(raid headers of abit kd7 board but raid not setup.ide 3 contains 2 maxtor 60 gb drives the master has 20bg first partition with xp pro on it then 40 gb with data on.the slave has 20gb with data then 20gb ghost backup then 20gb ext3 for questions are do xp and linux need to be on the same disk to dual boot? is it a problem that the linux partition is at the end of the drive does it need to be at the begining?do i need to make the partition primary before installing linux or will logical do.i have pm8 so adjusting partitions should not be a problem if required.also does anybody know of any good guides to dual booting xp pro and mandrake. cheers darren

  Gaz_dc 20:29 11 Nov 2004

I have XP on my first hard drive and Linux on my second. The Linux boot program (either GRUB or LILO) will happily boot both.

Linux can be on any partition.

I don't know if the Linux partitions HAVE to be primary, but mine are. Just about all Linux distros can sort their own partitions out, however, so you don't really need to worry.

You might get a better answer if you click here

  dazzling (work) 22:36 11 Nov 2004

thanks for that and the link ill have a poke about there.maybe we should have a pca forum for linux weve got one for sp2? darren

  dth 10:46 12 Nov 2004

Linux can be on anywhere - no need (like Windows) to be on a main drive. I would be tempted to delete the drive that you have formatted with PM. If you just leave this as free space Mandrake will find it and format it correctly.

  dazzling 16:22 12 Nov 2004

i will let linux format the partition i just thought if it was a different file format it would stand out like a sore thumb at instillation and be easy to recognise.thanks guys darren

  dth 11:36 13 Nov 2004

PM created partitions can sometimes cause problems - hence my suggestion. If the space is just left unallocatted Linux will pick up on this and assume that it has been left for it. Quite clever really!

  dazzling 19:56 14 Nov 2004

i actually meant for me im assuming it will ask which partition and as there are 3 all 20 gb i may get confused hopefully linux will keep me right. darren

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