All XP programmes on Start Button shown as 'empty'

  tigertop2 14:58 08 Dec 2011

I have a friend's XP PC which I have now cleaned up, removing numerous 'nasties ' in the process. As a result of the virus attacks 'All Programmes' is no longer available and in fact shows 'empty' apart from the new Security Software I have loaded. I have tried the recommended Microsoft 'hotfix' but without success. I cannot get the PC to boot into either Bios or Safe Mode or even access 'Windows Restore' although Windows XP fires up no problem. I suspect the access to the registry is possibly fouled up as a consequence of the virus attack ( now removed) but how do I get the Start All Programmes displayed again? I myself think that a complete reinstallation of Windows XP is the only answer but cannot get into Bios to change the boot order. It is an old HP Compaq 2000MT and I would personally bin it but am curious to know of any possible fixes.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:50 08 Dec 2011

Right click the documents and settings folder,

in the properties window if the hidden attribute is checked then uncheck that

apply the settings and see if programs appear.

  tigertop2 17:21 08 Dec 2011

Thanks Fruit Bat. That was one of the first things I tried but no joy I am afraid

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:27 08 Dec 2011

programs folder set to hidden?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:29 08 Dec 2011

HAve a read of this thread

  tigertop2 19:55 08 Dec 2011

Program folder is not hidden. I will have a look at the other link

Appreciate your help

  ICF 07:46 09 Dec 2011

What type of keyboard are you using USB or PS2

  birdface 08:56 09 Dec 2011

sfc /scannow in command prompt.

  Terry Brown 10:25 09 Dec 2011

As you have removed'A lot of nasties', it is possible that you have cleared the all programs list as well.(which is only a shortcut list) As you can see the new virus program you have installed, as you use the other programs they will appear on that list.

Just go straight to the programs folder and load the exe program from there (normally c:\ program files) for all programs you want, and it will appear on the program list.


  tigertop2 16:58 09 Dec 2011

The PC came to me because it would not show 'All programmes' However I will try your suggestion anyway. For ICF ---it is a USB keyboard

  ICF 18:29 09 Dec 2011

You may no be able to get in the bios/safmode because the USB key board is not detected before windows boots up.Have you tried a ps2 key board?

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