All Windows update fail

  claluc 19:04 15 Oct 2008

Am running Win XP Home SP2, I lately had a Trojan horse logged into Zone Alarm so I cleared it, uninstalled ZA and went to re install.
This failed due to file Sxs.dll missing.
Went to Win Update to see if there was a way of putting things straight and found out that there are 99 Win critical updates that I need to install. Strange as my automatic updates was always turned on and never reported any missing update.
They all download properly but when getting to installation poit they all fail, report states 99 updates failed to install.
Have tried some non critical ones and result is the same.
It seems that Win is refusing to install any sort of update on my PC.
Is there a way to sort this out?

  hiwatt 19:23 15 Oct 2008

Try this click here

  User-1229748 19:25 15 Oct 2008

does it give you an error number?

  claluc 22:26 15 Oct 2008

hiwatt: this is a classic "all free" program that asks you to pay for it to work, thanks for your help but no thanks, I have had problems with this kind of stuff in previous instances.
There must be some sort of genuine fix, if not i'd rather pay for a backup and reload Win from scratch.

smackheadz: only error number isd when I try to load ZA, tells me can't do because of file Sxs.dll 5.1.2600.3295 is missing.

No error messages when updates fail

  T I M B O 22:52 15 Oct 2008

sfc /scannow might be a good plan.

  phono 23:01 15 Oct 2008

Download, install and run Malwarebytes anti malware from click here the paid for version only adds 'real time' protection but otherwise the free version will remove anything it finds.

Report back on the results.

  MAJ 00:00 16 Oct 2008

Download the file from click here although it is a different version of the file, it should allow your updates to install. My sxs.dll file is newer than the version you quoted but is the same size as the version in the download I pointed to. Do the above if sfc /scannow, as suggested by TIMBO, doesn't replace the file. It should be saved to the C:\WINDOWS\system32 folder.

  hiwatt 10:12 16 Oct 2008

Really it asks you to pay?I used the same program from this link click here and it fixed the problems I was having with updates.

  kdt 10:20 16 Oct 2008

agree with hiwatt

  Rahere 10:42 16 Oct 2008

I think the first link you gave was to majorgeeks a general software download site not the writer's site which is worries though as we have the correct link now!

  hiwatt 10:59 16 Oct 2008

Yeah it was.I thought it would have been the same (free)program though.Oh well.Nevermind.

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