All Usernames vanished from XP Home Logon Screen

  paranomia 11:21 08 Oct 2004

Hi All - Switching on my laptop this morning I am faced with the logon screen which normally has a username for me and a general name is blank. I have tried to log in using the CTRL/ALT/DEL*2 login but it refuses anything other than the general login - which has no rights at all! I can't log in as Administrator either. I need this machine urgently for work (in an hour!!!)
Any advice would be really helpful...

  paranomia 16:31 08 Oct 2004


  jg1990 16:42 08 Oct 2004

Have you tried logging on in safe mode?

  paranomia 17:12 08 Oct 2004

Hi jg1990 - I have, the result is exactly the same, the only difference being that the screen is smaller.

  jg1990 17:29 08 Oct 2004

Do you have an XP disc?

If you do boot up from it and choose the option to repair, this will just repair the operating system without deleting your files.

  paranomia 21:21 08 Oct 2004

Thanks jg1990, I have just managed to sort it out.. After the umpteenth attempt to log in as admin in safe mode, it has let me into a mis-spelled administrator login. I have rolled back to a previous point successfully.

I am learning to breath again!! :) Thanks for all the help.

  jg1990 21:24 08 Oct 2004

Pleasure, anymore trouble please post again.


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