Is this an all time record?

  billyliv 11:39 13 Dec 2003

Hi, For five days now my 'Hotmail' account Junk Mail folder has been empty. Or is someone at last doing something right about the flow of dubious mail?. Cheers, Bill

  Chegs ® 11:44 13 Dec 2003

I'm still getting the odd one or two,but over 24 hour period I used to get upto 60+ spam mails.Since Tues,spam has been noticably sparse.

  VoG II 11:46 13 Dec 2003

Mine reduced dramatically and haven't had a spam for days now. Of course, this happens after I shelled out for the full version of MailWasher!

  Chegs ® 14:02 13 Dec 2003

I still have an older version of Mailwasher,it is able to recieve Hotmail,whereas the newer version doesn't.If you'd asked me nicely,I would have sent it to you. :-)

  powerless 14:08 13 Dec 2003

There is a law that came into effect the other day me thinks spamming is now ilegal...

  Big Elf 14:13 13 Dec 2003

Wow. I've just been into my hotmail account and there are only legitimate emails over the last 3 days. If it's the law that done it can we have it here please.

  VoG II 22:35 13 Dec 2003

Strange click here

  Forum Editor 22:56 13 Dec 2003

in the link posted by VoG the anti-spam legislation that was introduced very recently hasn't done anything to stem the flood of spam that's hitting mail servers in the UK. The reasons for that are:

1. The penalties for spamming are ludicrously low when compared to the possible rewards from spamming activities.

2. Huge quantities of spam originate from servers that are in America, South America and the Far East - all locations that are outside the jurisdiction of the European courts.

3. No government agency has the resources to devote anything like the time that would be necessary to detect and convict spammers in any meaningful sense. Put simply, the potential rewards are so great the risk is worth taking.

Reductions in spam volumes hitting individual mailboxes is almost certainly the result of increased anti-spam filtering at ISP and domain host level. My favourite domain hosting company
click here has recently introduced a filtering system that is so effective my personal and business mailboxes now receive around 6 or seven spam messages a day, compared to the 200 or so that were arriving in each mailbox a few weeks back.

  obbit 23:11 13 Dec 2003

i've had no spam in my junk folder for three days. it's about time too.

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