All those GFX card numbers which is best

  rupie 17:21 10 Dec 2008

I have to upgrade my GFX card. I have a self build and it is a few years old but I do not understand all the different numbers - 9400, 8400, 4600, 4800, 3640 DDR 2,3,4, radeon, geforce, saphire gigabyte etc. please could someone give me a kind of resumé or top 10 type thing of them in order for performance. DO NO NOT recommend which one you think is best I just want to look at a top ten type thing. At the moment I have a sapphire radeon x800 PCI express 256MB DDR3 and need to change it for editing and not games, although I run a duel display system (once you have 2 monitors you will never go back to 1)

  DieSse 17:43 10 Dec 2008

Tom's hardware is as good a guide as any, and better than most.

click here

  DieSse 17:51 10 Dec 2008

"I have to upgrade my GFX card."

One question - why do you think you have to upgrade? - maybe you have an issue not related to your graphics card?

  rupie 18:57 10 Dec 2008

I have to upgrade because the edit software I need is above the spec of my current card. What is tom's hardware ?

  DieSse 19:19 10 Dec 2008

"What is tom's hardware ?"

It's a well respected review site - click the link and read it.

  rupie 19:24 10 Dec 2008

Thanks, I can't know everywhere

  DieSse 19:30 10 Dec 2008

"I can't know everywhere"

None of us know everywhere - that's why I suggested you read the link.

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